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2011 Columbus, Indiana Tournament Preview

Columbus, Indiana Major

May, 13-15

WOW!  An absolutely stacked bracket for the Columbus, Indiana Major this weekend.  This bracket almost makes me wish I was getting there on Friday instead of Saturday.  32 teams (15 from Conference USSSA) including 6 'A' teams and 11 'B' teams.  If you think about how this team list would have looked 10 years ago this would be 5 Major, 2 'AA', and 10 'A'.   I am almost disapointed Resmondo is coming because this tournament has an 'A' World flavor to it.  You also have some great non-conference teams like Pipe, Pure Romance, Red's Astros, A&k, Player's Warehouse, EAP, Mojo, P&P, Sportsco, Tyler Trucking, TG and the list goes on.

The tournament will be played at beautiful Lincoln Park in Columbus, Indiana which has 5 symmetrical 300 foot fields.

The parity in this tournament will make it very hard to pick, but lets give it a try:

Note: I truly believe many of the Conference 'A' and 'B' teams will have to bring their top game to survive Friday night against the local 'C' teams and non-Conf 'B' teams.  The ball should be flying and home run management as we've seen all spring will be at a premium.

In the top of the bracket I like Suncoast over Blitz.  EWS over Midwest Swing.  And EWS over Suncoast.

Then I like the Darkside vs RFC winner to take the 2nd final 4 spot over Combat/Pharmapar who will use their power to beat Linedrive.  Lets go with…hmmm…ahh…coin flip…RFC over Darkside just because they seem to play the hard hitting games a little better and are on a roll.  Red's Astros and Linedrive should be a great game in the first round of this part of the bracket.

I'll take Sinister over Shoppe for the 3rd team in the final 4 and they will beat Magic and DMC.  Although DMC vs EAP and DMC vs Sinister should be great games.

In the last section I'll take Resmondo over Pure Romance.  R&M over Pipe and Resmondo over R&M because R&M seems to have a little pucker factor problem when they play a major team.  I have no idea why this is.  Resmondo puts their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else…although I wouldn't actually know this.

In the final 4 lets go with Resmondo over EWS for the championship with Shoppe fighting back to a 3rd place and Darkside 4th.

The only problem with this tournament is choosing which game to watch because with this many great teams there will be 2 or 3 awesome games going at a time.  If mother nature throws in a little rain, the loser's bracket could become a 5 inning per game lightning round with upsets left and right.

I will try to update twitter when I can and I will have the chat room open on the home page to entertain questions and prompt discussion.

As always leave your picks in the "Intense Debate" section below this article.

Also check out the message board for this weeks contest which will be to pick the top finishing team in the Columbus, Indiana Major.  To be eligible to win a tshirt, hat, or batting gloves you need to post your pick and leave your email.  Also pick a team you think will finish second highest out of the Non-conference teams in order to use as a tie breaker. 

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Indiana Team List

Link to the 2010 Indiana Major

32 Winners Bracket

32 Winners Bracket

Fri 7:00 PM F1   (1                  
  Sat 11:00 AM F1   (25                
SUNCOAST REEBOK                
Fri 7:00 PM F3   (2                  
    Sat 3:30 PM F1   (41              
MIDWEST SWING / MIKEN                
Fri 7:00 PM F5   (3                  
  Sat 11:00 AM F2   (26                
Fri 7:00 PM F4   (4                  
      Sat 8:00 PM F1   (53            
RFC/HUB'S PUB/SYNDICATE                
Fri 7:00 PM F2   (5                  
  Sat 12:30 PM F1   (27                
Fri 9:30 PM F1   (6                  
GUTTER WORKS/EASTON                
    Sat 3:30 PM F2   (42              
Fri 8:15 PM F2   (7                  
RED'S ASTROS/TPS/BELLY'S/TSC/K&G                
  Sat 11:00 AM F4   (28                
Fri 9:30 PM F4   (8                  
P&G SOFTBALL                
        Sat 9:30 PM F4   (59          
Fri 8:15 PM F3   (9                  
  Sat 11:00 AM F3   (29                
SHOPPE / TEAM TPS / D2E / ELITE                
Fri 8:15 PM F1   (10                  
TYLER TRUCKING / MIKEN                
    Sat 3:30 PM F3   (43              
DMC/RESMONDO SPORTS                
Fri 8:15 PM F5   (11             Sun 11:00 AM F4   (62      
  Sat 12:30 PM F2   (30                
Sat 8:00 AM F4   (12                  
TEAM KILLZIT                
      Sat 8:00 PM F4   (54            
Fri 9:30 PM F2   (13                  
A & K TILE/3RD ST. FINANCIAL/TPS                
  Sat 11:00 AM F5   (31             Sun 1:00 PM F4   (63    
Fri 9:30 PM F3   (14                  
P&P 333/SUBURBAN/LARRY'S TIRE/CMT                
    Sat 3:30 PM F4   (44              
Sat 8:00 AM F3   (15                  
  Sat 12:30 PM F4   (32                
Fri 8:15 PM F4   (16               L-62  
TEAM TPS/F. O. P.                

Photos from the 2010 Indy Major




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