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“Windy City Classic” Chicago Major tournament preview!




"Windy City Invitational"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


June 7-9


Tournament Preview



2013 Chicago bracket link


The top 6 teams in the nation according to the computer rankings will be in attendance at this weekend’s "Windy City" Invitational. There will be 35 teams overall and a whopping 20 of them are from the Nationwide Conference USSSA! The favorite will be Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth the #1 team in the nation who was tripped up last weekend by Shoppe and Linedrive in Columbus, Ohio. Resmondo has won all 10 of their games that they have played on 300 foot fields this year.

Other contenders will be Laservision/Desert Falls/Boombah/Easton who have won two tournaments this season including Columbus last week, and Shoppe who finished second last weekend in Cbus and has looked strong all year. Those are the contenders from the Major division. Remember last year an 'A' team – Team 454/Worth ran the losers bracket and "double dipped" Laservision for the Windy City championship. In one game, 454 scored a season high 62 runs! Some of the 'A' contenders this year will be GTL Doerflinger R&M/Easton who continue to play well, Nordkap/Suncoast Reebok who is looking for a new pitcher after Curtiss Wilson left the team, and Line Drive Sportz/SSS/Miken who was the hot team last weekend finishing 3rd. Line Drive adjusted well to the windy conditions in Columbus which should help them this weekend in Chicago, and they finished in the top 4 last year in this event.

Let’s take a look at the bracket. The good matchups on Friday night are Trust vs B&B Sears. I'll take Trust in that one. South Texas Posse travels a long way to play TG Brand. Both are conference teams that need to get on the right track. This game is a complete tossup. An interesting game might be P&P 333 vs Cash House. P&P won this matchup 34-25 last weekend in Columbus.

In the top quarter of the bracket look for a good 3rd round matchup between Baugh Ford and 3rd Street. GTL should get the winner to go to the final 4.

The second quarter of the bracket is stacked as Resmondo will await the Reds Astros vs Shoppe winner! Wow, Shoppe having only 4 tournaments played gets seeded lower than they would normally be and would have to face Resmondo in the final 8. Remember Reds beat Resmondo in that final 8 a year ago in Chicago.

The third quarter of the bracket sees a Pure Romance vs Fence Brokers winner playing Nordkap/Suncoast Reebok who should get past S&S/Scotts and their new pitcher Brandon Jonas.

In the fourth quarter of the bracket Laservision will await the Precision vs Line Drive winner. Precision is playing on their home fields and you would guess will have all of their players. That should be a good game.

My Final Picks:

1) Shoppe/TYJA/Louisville Slugger – lets mix it up a little. These guys are playing the game the right way. Infield will have to field the hard shots on bad fields to win.

2) Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth – No one knows what the mindset with this team is right now riding a two game losing streak.

3) Laservision/Desert Falls/Boombah/Easton – self proclaimed baseball field team could get in trouble over on field #6.

4) Line Drive Sportz/SSS/Miken – Team is hot while the rest of the 'A' division is not.

Tied for 5th) GTL Doerflinger R&M/Easton

Tied for 5th) Precision/Hang Rite – tough road, only picking because of home cooking. could be in loser's bracket quick if they don't come to play

Weather looks on the cooler side which means wind and possible rain.

USSSALive I am guessing will try to have at least 4 cameras up.

Chat Room and livestream links will be up at I may try to announce some of the big games towards the end of the tournament.

Good luck to all teams. There are some good points available here.

Inwood Sports Complex Field Dimensions
300 feet on all 6 fields


Weekend Weather



2012 Chicago Winner – 454 Worth

2012 Chicago tournament report link

2011 Chicago tournament report link

2010 Chicago tournament report link

Score book for Team 454 when they put up 62 runs against Laservision in 2012


Past tournament results

2012 Results
1 VA-A Team 454/Emerald/Worth
2 NY-M Laservision/anni/supr/d2/easton
3 MI-B Line drive sportz/sss softball

2011 Results
1 WA-M GTL Cartel/DeMarini
2 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank / worth
3 WA-M Team combat/laservision/d2e/supreme
4 VA-A Team 454 Emerald/Worth

2010 Results
1 FL-M Resmondosport/specialty/phonemaster
3 CA-M Dan Smith/Menosse
4 IA-B Pipac/TCP/Easton

2009 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank-worth
2 CA-M Dan smith-menosse-benfield-combat
3 WA-A GTL cartel/stucco/worth/elite
4 OH-B PRI/MFAB/Insanity frozen

2008 Results
1 CA-M Dan smith/menosse/benfield/combat
2 FL-M Resmondo/specialty tank/worth
3 MN-M Long haul/phonemasters/miken
4 WA-A GTL/Creative Stucco/Worth

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