Friday May 13th, 2022

Weekend round up – 9/8 – 9/9/2018 – USSSA E, WSL Open, Elite Series, USA!


2018 USSSA E World East

Viera, Florida


1st Place USSSA E World East – Garcia Forklift-18 from Florida 8-0

2018 USSSA E World East Results and Bracket link!

(104 Teams)


2nd Place USSSA E World East – Overrated Grade Rite from North Carolina 7-2

3rd Place USSSA E World East – CGI from Indiana 8-2



1st Place WSL Open – TDB

WSL Bracket Links

1st Place WSL Women's Upper – Bounty Hunters



1st Place Elite Upper Series – CDT

Elite Upper Series Championship Bracket

2018 Elite Upper Series Awards
COY- Aaron Winston
MVP- Brian Renner
Def MVP- TJ Wilson
Off MVP- Jamie Roberts

First Team
Brandon Belton
Keon Bruiser Gaskins
Edmund Locklear
Jacob Clifton
Aaron Miller
Tyler Reese
Chris Cooper
Jeremy McDowell 
Casey Jones
Cory James
Devin Anderson

Second Team
David Bare
Dylan Davidson
Matthew Lynn
Tyler 'Noodle' Newell
Will Snow
Tim Green
Tyler Wiles
Michael Carter
Josh Mecimore
Tony Ford
Kendall Welborn



1st Place USA Softball Over 40


One response to “Weekend round up – 9/8 – 9/9/2018 – USSSA E, WSL Open, Elite Series, USA!”

  1. SE03 says:

    Bunch of 30-40 year olds playing E. That’s unfortunate. Thought that was a beginner level

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