Tuesday June 18th, 2019

USSSA/GSL rosters can now be entered online


Note: I swiped this from the USSSA/GSL facebook page.  Thanks Bob!

Coaches…..You can now start entering Players online.
Players……You still have to verify , but players will not be auto dropped after 5 days this year.
Team Manager's can now control both their GSL and USSSA roster from the same dashboard.

Included in the online roster is the Player Value system. A method has been created by looking at a players playing history and NCC bumps to help tag players with their player rating. Players will now be able to log into their profile and view their rating.

They have inserted the team/player guidelines from the USSSA/GSL Rule Book and By Laws into the online rosters.
“Work in Progress so be patient“

One response to “USSSA/GSL rosters can now be entered online”

  1. Los Sanchos says:

    Watch out for Los Sanchos in Arizona we registered D but will probably end up winning C wolrds! #yumababy

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