Thursday September 20th, 2018

2018 Free Agent outfielder Tony Shockley




Tony Shockley


USSSA Playing History

Interview conducted on 10/15/2017

Who are you playing with in 2017?
2015 – Peak
2016 – Stars

2018 Free Agent –

What positions do you play and what is your best position?
Outfield – Right field is my best.

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?
Tommy Melton is one of the best I've seen play and have had a chance to take the field with.  I enjoy watching Bryson Baker play, Andy Purcell pitch and watching Ryan Harvey hit.

Why do you like the game of softball?
It's an opportunity to compete at a high level along side other athletes that want to compete at a high level.

Who is the best up and coming player in softball and why?
I think Tommy Melton will have a good run over the next three to five years.

What is your nickname in softball and how did you get it?
SHOCK – my last name.

What is your height and weight?
6'1" / 195lbs

Where do you call home?
Chandler, Arizona

What's your favorite way to spend an off weekend?
Enjoy the weekend with my family.

What do you do for a living?
I own and operate a real estate media company and a real estate investment company that holds rental properties and does fix n flips.  I separated from the Air Force a little over a year ago and was a pilot.

Did you play sports in High School / College / Pro?
High School – Football and Baseball
College – Baseball 

How did you get your start in softball and how did you get to the upper level?
I was talked into playing in Del Rio, TX while stationed at Laughlin Air Force Base during pilot training in 2004.  It was interesting playing ball there, but a lot of fun.  I stopped playing after 2008 and didn't get back into it until 2013.  Then I got a chance at some conference level ball and enjoy the competition.

What was the most surprising difference between Conference play and non-Conference play when you made the jump?
Consistency with pitching and defense.  Offensively everyone can hit.

Is there a player that you would compare your game to?

What would you say is your career highlight to this point? Maybe one play or game that sticks out to you in particular?
I hit for the cycle against the University of Hawaii in college.  It's always a good time when a team comes together and plays really well in a tournament.  We had that with Stars in the Rocky Mountain Shootout a couple years ago and we had that with a pick up team in the Winter National in Phoenix last year.

In your career was there a single person (player/manager/coach) who had the most significant impact on your approach to the game? Why?
I think when you take BP and/or play with or against other talented players you pick up things to impact your game, but before I moved to Arizona and I was able to hit with Tommy Melton quite a bit it helped me a lot in developing as a better hitter.

What type of batting grip do you use and what ounce bat?
Normal grip and a 26/27oz Endload.

What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the next softball season?
Lift, run, hit and throw as much as I can.

What is your favorite sports team and your favorite sport other than softball?
Denver Broncos

Do you have any superstitions and if so, what are they?

What is the best improvement upper level softball could make?
I think the game is fine.  If it wasn't I would go play golf instead.

What is your favorite non-World tournament and why?
The Military Band Aid.  It's a great environment in a great location.

What is the best softball field/complex you have played at and why?
I like Aurora Sports Park in Colorado and Pioneer in Arizona.  The fields are about 325' all around and have nicely maintained infields and outfields.

Where is the best place to eat on the road after a game?
I prefer a good steak.

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on a softball field?
Ryan Reid's game stoppage to contest a batting order with the umpire after the lead off hitter gets on in the top of the first inning of an if game.  The contested hitter made the final out of the game prior with a force at 2nd and Ryan was too drunk on the bench to comprehend we started a new game.

What was your favorite sports related gift you have ever given or received?
I've received and given some bats, gloves and balls which is always nice and shows appreciation.  However, my dad gave me his football helmet from college and he was a NAIA All American.  I keep it on display at my house.


4 responses to “2018 Free Agent outfielder Tony Shockley”

  1. Chad Loudon says:

    Great softball player and better person!!! Can base hit it anywhere and has power too. SUPER fast outfielder and always hustles. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  2. Tommy Melton says:

    Absolute work horse. Never takes a play off and continues to lift a team through his actions. Love taking the field with this man. He will be an asset to any team he joins. Good luck brother you deserve it.

  3. Anthony Eschete says:

    Guaranteed to have the best Stache on the team. Great man, teammate, and player. Never stops hustling.

  4. Gessell says:

    You won’t get a more loyal teammate out there. Trust me i know first hand! Also shocks work ethic is the best I have seen. Any team will be better with shock on board. Good luck to you shock.

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