Thursday June 24th, 2021

Tommy Halford, Minnesota softball player/coach is battling cancer

Tommy Halford, Minnesota softball player/coach is battling cancer


Hello softball players and fans,


This is Scotty Meyer (H. Auto Coach) asking for thoughts and prayers for a very good friend of mine, Tommy Halford.  Tommy is battling cancer and can use all the support he can get.  Tommy has been involved in softball for many years and is an extended family member and supporter of the Minnesota Easton teams.  If you are playing in or watching the Dudley Classic later this month you will see Tommy walking around taking in as many games as he can.


Tommy’s brother Kenny has set up a gofundme account if you are in a position to help.  Facebook is also an option to show your support.


Thank you!!!


Go Fund Me set up for Tommy Halfords medical bills

4 responses to “Tommy Halford, Minnesota softball player/coach is battling cancer”

  1. gary kolumbus says:

    hi Scotty & tommy please contact me directly i have encouraging info that may help with the cancer gary k 256 508 7034

  2. Tommy Halford says:

    This is too Scott Meyer you are the best friend a person could have thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Big Poppa says:

    I don’t know you my friend but my thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, and friends. May God’s healing hands be on you.

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