Wednesday June 23rd, 2021

Todd Erickson hits record breaking home run!'s coverage of Todd Ericksons record breaking home run!

Above is a link from's video of a 576 foot homer Todd Erickson hit for his sister who has brain cancer and had surgery to remove a tumor.  He did this video strictly to get support to her webpage Lasko Strong.  The 576 shot that hit in this video was done with an old Easton SCX23 and a 17-18 mph wind going out with a high compression balls like Ultimate Evils and Apex. 



8 responses to “Todd Erickson hits record breaking home run!”

  1. Hookdup says:

    Who’s measuring these things? I see a ball bouncing, but nobody is marking it off with a cone or anything. Then google earth to measure?

  2. Matt says:

    The cause is great, 576 or 5000 whatever they want to say so be it. #lasko strong

  3. Marco says:

    The ball looked weird. Kind of looked like someone through the ball from behind the fence. Good cause but still looks sketchy.

    • D-bag Hunter says:

      Pathetic. “Errr derp, good cause here. But let’s discredit the guy any way we can! Errr ummm it looks like he “through” (LOL at the geniuses on here) the ball from the other side of the fence.” The dude has done countless 500 plus shots on video obviously from home plate, but now he supposedly has to “through” it from the fence? Jealous slow pitch D-bags. Gotta love This Game! And now we all the sudden have conference guys that “HITS IT 600 FEET ALL DAY LONG” before it was 500… now this Erickson guy gets near 600 so ALL THE SUDDEN we now have CONference guys (ALL natural and stock bats I’m sure) hitting them 600 ALL DAY LONG!! F**king hilarious.

  4. Player says:

    Ryan Harvey can hit 600ft plus. All day long

  5. Curious says:

    I wonder how far that ball would have gone with N.S. World Series bat? Maybe 700′???? lol JK

  6. Harveyhasneverhit600ftever says:

    So harvey has never hit a softball 600′ ever so explain how he does it all day long.

  7. Harveyhasneverhit600ftever says:

    Harvey cant hit even hit 600′ with 2oz taken out of the sonic+ he swings now he did hit some nice 470’ers at disney last year though, kudos for that.

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