Tuesday June 6th, 2023

To all SoftballCenter and SW48 Youtube Channel video fans:


To all SoftballCenter and SW48 Youtube Channel video fans:


I (DW) have signed a full time contract with the USSSA to cover men's Conference and World tournaments.  Retroactive to the Challenge Cup my articles are now posted on ConferenceUSSSA.com and my highlight videos and condensed games are posted on the USSSALive YOUTUBE channel.

Softballcenter.com and the SW48 YOUTUBE channel will become softball history sites and also used for coverage of the USA 'AA', Super Nationals, and Team USA Border Battle.  I would entertain offers for the SW48 YOUTUBE channel if anyone is interested.

Conference previews, tournament reports, roster moves, computer rankings, stats, advanced stats, league leaders, interviews, team announcements, and free agent pages will now be posted on the http://conferenceusssa.com/ webpage which USSSA programmers will be updating and improving over the next month.




My 2022 condensed games, highlight videos, long homeun videos, middle shots, and more will go on the USSSALive Youtube Channel:


Please subscribe to the channel, like and share the videos there, and set your notifications so you can be notified each time a new video hits.



Also like and follow the USSSA-Slowpitch page on Facebook so you can see in your news feed when new articles and videos are created.





I would like to thank every reader, advertiser, and person who helped me along the way (way too many to name but you know who you are) for their loyal support over the past 15 years and I humbly ask for your continued support as we make this switch over to the new websites as seamless as possible.  I would like to thank USSSA – The Dedonatis family, Wegs, and Bernie Guenther for seeing value in what I do and pursuing this deal.  I would like to thank all of the sponsors over the years for their passion and hard work putting upper level teams on the field.  Please thank your sponsors and share the memories you make on the field with them.  They are a treasure to our sport.  I would like to thank Dan Pfeffer who created SoftballCenter.com for me back in 2009 and the Kirby family who gave me my start covering the Conference back in 2008 with Softballkingdom.com.  It has been a great ride working to make SoftballCenter successful and a life changing experience chasing the top tournaments in the country ever since for the sport we all love.  Finally I would like to thank my entire family, my wife Geri, and my 4 kids Philip, Williams, Carolyn, and Evelyn for their understanding and allowing me to pursue my strange passion for slow pitch softball…

I will see you all soon in Arizona, Dallas, Myrtle Beach, Virginia, Atlanta, Chicago, Maryland, Columbus GA, Kansas, Smoky, Cincy, Michigan, Evansville, Joliet, Salt Lake City, Conference Championships, and finally the USSSA World tournaments!



P.S. As most of you know I sold TheOldscout.com and Message Board a year ago and no longer own it.  Check them out for the latest discussions on breaking topics.

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