Tuesday May 11th, 2021

The Texas Monsta Bash!


Texas Monsta Bash!

The Texas Monsta Bash will be this Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17 at Cullen Park in Houston, Texas.  32 upper level teams with the feature teams being Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep, Florida Atlantic Ironworks/Miken/Worth/ASP, Southern Monsta, and PTS/Woodlaw.  A star studded field of teams.  Friday night there is a $1,000 Home Run Derby.

Texas Monsta Bash bracket link


Billy Maggard
Argen Dodds
LC Watson
Ben Dunn
Wade Gibson
Erik Kanaby 
Derek Von Heeder 
Zach Saint Pierre
Brandon Raines
Taylor Albrecht
Josh Choate
Curtis Stewart (Xtreme)

Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep
David “Lazer” Johnson
Tyler Marshburn 
Lee Payne
Jared Hunt 
Steven “Stuey” Lopez
Ryan McClannahan
Brett “Breezy” Rettenmeier 
Steve Whaley
Chente Granados
Mario Granados
Daniel “D-Lo” Lopez
Ryan Dacko
Tim “T- Mart” Martinez

Southern Monsta
Faron Miller
Chris Greinert 
Wes Campbell
Chris Potts
Craig Rodriguez
Chad Erickson
Daniel McClemment
Jason Diaz
Ryan Dezern
Ryan Honeycutt
Jeff Smith
Marcus Smith
Coach: Tim Barnes
Assistant: Steve Whaley

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