Thursday July 29th, 2021

Added 230 action pictures to album —> TDB/Racks wins the 9th Annual Las Vegas Major


2019 Las Vegas Major – TDB/Racks takes on Dan Smith in the semifinals!


1st Place – TDB/Racks/Miken/Worth

TDB/Racks ran the winner's bracket undefeated at the 9th Annual Las Vegas Major.  They beat Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI 49-44 in the semifinals and beat Smash It Sports/Pure Sports/OA 44-24 in the winner's bracket championship on Saturday night.  On Sunday morning all 4 Major classed teams battled it out.  First at 8 AM Resmondo/SIS/RDD/HAuto/Sprizzi/S&S knocked off Dan Smith 54-46 then they beat Smash It/Pure Sports 45-43 to advance to the championship.  The championship didn't start until after noon Pacific time due to all of the runs scored and Resmondo forced the "if necessary" game by run ruling TDB/Racks 34-19.  In the final game TDB/Racks and Resmondo matched each others big innings after a very slow start but TDB prevailed 40-36 when both teams ran out of homers.  The weather was perfect all weekend.  The 48 teams, 19 of which were conference teams was the biggest Las Vegas Major of all time.  There were a few upsets and the biggest surprise of the tournament was the tied for 5th place finish of non-conference 'B' team LazersSportswear/FIG/BennettHomes from St George, Utah that went 7-2 knocking off conference teams TPJS/Seminoles, Classic Glass, and Cheap Suits.  Also finishing tied for 5th was Bay Area Legends/Bad Draw/Easton a 'AA' team out of California. 

A full tournament report, action pictures, video clips, archived games and more will be coming over the next two days.  Right now I have to get on a red eye home.

2019 Las Vegas bracket links

2019 Las Vegas Photo Album 


3rd Place – Smash It Sports/Pure Sports/OA


4th Place – Dan Smith/Steven Smith/Menosse



1st Place Women's – SIS/Derby Girls/Easton won the "if" game

2nd Place – Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth

3rd Place – Lady SNI/ATWL/Easton

4th Place – Dirty Sports/Trojans/DRDrywall



Wavy won the men's D bracket

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  1. Ross says:

    Oh weird, a team that bumped themselves even farther for no reason is last place. Not sure why this Soure1 team doesnt go to Cs where they belong.

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