Thursday October 18th, 2018

T-Mar on Top At Petco Park



T-Mar on Top At Petco Park

Monsta Athletics Slugger wins 

Season Opener in San Diego 

May 29, 2018, San Diego, CA

Monsta Athletics slugger, Tim “ T-Mar” Martinez came out on top in Round # 1 of the Monsta Militia Power Tour at San Diego’s Petco Park, Home of the Padres. 

“ T-Mar “ won the night with 9 points, many powerful, upper deck show bombs. Later, he opened the Padres & Marlins game by ringing the ceremonial Padres Bell. “ What a night “ beamed T-Mar, still clutching his Monsta Bat.“ I was seeing the ball, following through and my Monsta bat did the rest. “  

T-mar grew up in Yuma AZ and back in the day went to as many Padres spring training games as possible. “ We were lucky to meet Tony Gwynn and Mr. Padre made a great impression, I’ve been a Padres fan ever since.” 

Next up on the Monsta Militia Power Tour, the Sluggers travel to Great American Ballpark, Home of the Cincinnati Reds, Friday Night July 27. Watch the highlights on Softball 360.

3 responses to “T-Mar on Top At Petco Park”

  1. dave says:

    Wow this has gone down hill fast! Where are all the big hitters from other teams like in the past. Carl must have bought this too and wont let anyone else in it unless they swing his bats? That’s to bad it used to be fun to watch with different manufactures competing against each other. Now it just looks lame.

  2. Henry R. says:

    ASA/USA was already struggling now with Carl P. running the tour it’s just ruining the game that much more. Did that little dude hit also? Who is he? Who are those other guys besides flip? What a joke this is now

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