Wednesday September 20th, 2023

Swiing Kiingz wins 2018 USA Softball Super Series “Bud Classic”!



Swiing Kiingz won the 2018 USA Softball Super Series "Bud Classic" in Des Moines, Iowa this past weekend.  They went 8-1 and knocked off the USA Softball power teams T’s 13 and double dipped OC for the championship. 1st Swiing Kiingz, 2nd OC, 3rd Pipac, 4th T’s 13.


8 responses to “Swiing Kiingz wins 2018 USA Softball Super Series “Bud Classic”!”

  1. LOL says:

    And how is that this team a USSSA B team?

  2. USA Softball Fan says:

    What’s up with T’s. Whole new infield and new pitcher? Or they just missing guys

    • Mike says:

      They have a lotta new guys, looks like they are out together so they can add a buncha guys for A and supers.

  3. Grace Hornick says:

    So proud of you Noah Lee!! Keep putting in work ??

  4. Greg says:

    Great job boys keep up the good work.

  5. Tim says:

    You guys looked really good on Sunday, great finish!

  6. iknowwhowins says:

    What up Milo, Barrel, and Barnett 3 of D’ports Finest doing work Son!

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