Thursday May 6th, 2021

SW48 ( YOUTUBE Channel had 4.2 Million Views in 2019!


Youtube sent me this yesterday.  In 2019 the SW48 Youtube Channel which I use for all of my Major level slowpitch videos had 245,930 watch hours which equates to 28 years just in the last year!  The channel which had 8.2 million views coming into 2019 in the previous 8 years added 4.2 million views in 2019!

I would like to thank everyone that follows the SW48 Youtube channel and "Likes" the videos which is how the channel grows.

The most played video of all time is the 2018 USA Super Nationals clips which has 630,700 views.  At some point Youtube shared it with people that like baseball and the comments section alone for that video is entertaining to read. Here is the link to that video.   

The SW48 Channels Subscriber total went from 5,000 to over 8,000 just this year.  Remember when you subscribe you get notified whenever a new video is put up. 

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