Tuesday May 11th, 2021

Update —> Strongsville, Ohio softball player in need of your help.

Update 9/7/2020 by Patrick David, Organizer

I put the goal of 50,000 not knowing how much to put but knowing that rehab, medical bills and getting things ready for drew when he comes home would come at a very high expense. Not knowing if we would reach the goal or even if 50,000 would be enough, I wanted to say It makes my heart so happy to see the support for drew and my sister. We have reached the goal in just about three weeks. The update we have is that drew is still in the ICU and hoping everyday that he can progress enough to get off the ventilator. He is listening to music and can mouth things he wants and doesnt want. Saturday he wanted to make sure he could watch the kentucky derby and one of his family member bought a share of a horse (knowing how much drew loved the horses) that was running in the derby! That share was for the horse that won the kentucky derby! Updates will come as things get better and better but I wanted to make sure you all knew how much my family appreciates the donation to help Drew, Erin, Evan and Isaac.



I (DW) played in this Strongsville, Ohio Church league from 1984 to 2014 and am saddened to hear this player was paralyzed in a collision during a Church League Softball game. 

Please consider supporting this family using the Go Fund Me Link

Thank you!


Hello Strongsville Softball Players,

We all know how tight knit the local softball community can be so I was hoping to call on everyone to help a fellow softball player and family in need.  

On Monday evening two players from the Monday Church Softball League converged on a fly ball and violently collided leaving Drew Shuster with a broken and dislocated neck as well as paralyzed from the mid-torso and below.   He was rushed to the hospital and was in surgery until 4:00 a.m.  The surgery was a success but it is currently unknown if the paralysis is permanent or not.  Following his recovery he will be required to spend weeks in a rehabilitation center.   

Needless to say Drew and his family are in need of a lot of help.  I am asking that everyone send Drew your thoughts and/or prayers for a full and speedy recovery.  I am also asking that you do the same for his wife Erin, his children and the rest of his loved ones for the strength to help him through his recovery process.  Lastly I am asking if you have the means to please support the Shuster Strong campaign linked below.  We all know how medical bills can compile quickly.  I am hoping we can ease the financial burden so the Shuster family can solely focus on Drew's recovery. Thank you for your concern and compassion.  


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