Thursday June 24th, 2021

Street Kids softball continues to give back to the community!



5th annual Season of Giving event handed out over $40,000 in retail value of food to people in Mishawaka and South Bend. Check out the short highlight video here:


Thanks to all the volunteers who joined the SKS team yesterday and of course a huge shout out to Epic Church, IRBN Foods, and TJ21 Media for their support!


4 responses to “Street Kids softball continues to give back to the community!”

  1. mike mccoppin says:

    Great Bunch of guys up there In n. Indiana – good luck this season !

  2. Bowwow says:

    That’s Great!!! Great job guys

  3. Hop-SKS#11 says:

    Appreciate the complements guys.

    It’s amazing to get to be a part of it, this is easily the best part of being a Street kids team member. Seeing how appreciative the people are of getting the boxes full of simply food, definitely makes you look at things differently. If it’s something you can get yourself or your team involved in, in your local areas, I strongly recommend helping. The true thanks goes to the people shelling out the money for $40,000 worth of food. A big part of that coming from our manager/sponsor, TJ Jorgenson. But it’s a great thing to be part of, and it’s something I hope to continue to do every year until I’m to old to help anymore.

  4. great job guys people helping people

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