Thursday June 24th, 2021

Steve Barnes answers TheOldScout interview questions!


What is your name?
championship sunday

Have you ever missed tournaments unannounced, team jumped, quit, etc?

Name one mistake you've made in upper level softball and what did you do to correct/learn from it?
i forgot to touch 3rd base as a pinch runner never played upper level again

Are you willing to sacrifice your average for the betterment of the team?

Do you read and/or post on theoldscout, why/why not?
read only less then 5 post over 8 years

Are the anonymous bashers the reason why more upper level sponsors and players don't post on oldscout?
i dont think most upper level guys cares what other people think

What do you do after the tournament is over?
drink beer

Has softball interfered with your Job?
yes .local metro tourney late nite in parking lot means a sick day the next day . the rest are all plan time off . nationals an 2 worlds that i played in.

Has softball interfered with your family?
yes . reunions an gatherings that alls  .

Have you knowingly used altered equipment?
yes . used a rolled bat .

What sort of unusual training methods have you used to improve your hitting?
hitting a tire in off season

What kind of practice do you do to get better?
weights in off season and Bp 2 times a week

Are you a good teammate?

Do you think Worlds should be rotated around the United States each year? Which state(s) would you like to see them be in?
dont have a opinon

What is 1 thing you would change about the game and 1 thing you would not change?
no opinion

How many divisions do you believe softball should have? (Currently M, AA, A, B, C, D, E)

Tell us your best travel war stories (Flights, Cars, Rooms, etc..)?
went to d nationals in indy lost first game of tourney and won the next 2 . made it to Sunday morning and had 2 guys over sleep .at the coin toss the base umpire said i count 9 you guys need 10 i point to 2 guys runing into the park there they are now . the other teams coach said we dont want to win like this let them bat first an if not ready by 3rd out or there spot in line up then we will win like this . umpire said are you sure he said yes we won in 5 and they still might be at the park protesting it .

Do you think worlds at all levels should go back to 32 – 48 teams only and teams should have to qualify?
double your numbers and make them qualify

What do you plan on doing when your softball days are over?
i umpire now and go out to watch select tourneys

Have you ever been cut by a team?

Do you go on the old scout message and post without your name?
besides screen name no

What other message boards do you read?

Do you consider yourself a "role model" when it comes to young softball players/kids that watch you play?
no sir because i play the game right regardless who is watching

Where do you see softball/yourself in 10 years?
softball will be dead in 10 years

When do you feel you will hang 'em up?
i hung them up at 42

Has softball opened any doors for you?

Do you prefer to play tournaments in baseball or softball fields?
as a guy who only watches now and top out at high C ball 325 all the way around would make for good tourneys

What is your philosophy/routine on hitting/bp sessions?
bp for me is 25 pitches each round . first round is to just get loose . 2nd round going back side . 3 round is pulling the ball an hitting the gaps

What's your feeling on bat testing?
need to do random testing monday- friday besides weekend tournaments

What do you want to be remembered as when you walk away from the game?
that i played it the right way

Have you ever made a YouTube video of yourself?

Who is the one player who you enjoy competing against the most?
cheese always cutting up having a good time .

What are your goals for this year?
become a better person overall

Do you love to win or hate to lose?

What do you find the most challenging in playing?
listening to player bitch about everything. just shut up and play

What makes you nervous in a game?
nothing its only a distraction from daily routine of life

What is your favorite position in the field? Least favorite?
catcher shortest walk back to dug out . of all 3 positions 2 far of a walk to dugout

What are you concentrating on that will improve your batting?, fielding?, pitching?
pitching i always felt going into batting cages at 90 mph help with reaction time . i would stand close to machine

If you were not playing slowpitch what would you be playing?
cycling to keep active

What is your number you wear on your uniform? is it special to you and why?

Bottom of the seventh, down 1, two outs, no HR's left, runner on 2nd. Who do you want batting in that situation?
depends on the level . C or below ill take my chances with myself

Who's the best sponsor you've ever played for?
always paid out of pocket or did team fundraiser

Who are the toughest pitcher(s) to hit against?
its underhand softball

What's your favorite bat of all time?
Easton green bell corp

Are you willing to sacrifice your average for the betterment of the team?

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