Saturday September 25th, 2021
TEXT_SIZE is now accepting donations and sponsors for the tournament broadcasts Paypal or Mail Donations and Sponsorship Information

Donate to the broadcast fund through the Paypal button below or through the mail.   Include your email address with your donation so that I can keep a private list and contact you with broadcast schedules and updates.   Your donation will be for one full calendar year.   If at some point I had to go to a "pay per view" system, your donation would automatically transfer to a "pay per view" membership.


Email for an address that you can send a check to.

I will give a money back guarantee to anyone who donates that would like a return for any reason during their donation year.


The goal is to have some type of broadcasting at all of the tournaments I attend which is about 15-20 per year. 

With each broadcast the goal is to improve the quality of the feed, the announcing, the camera angles etc.  

Thank you for your continued support,


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