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Softball Practices You Can Do Indoors


Softball Practices You Can Do Indoors

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If you are preparing for your next indoor softball league, you might want to know about some effective softball drills that you can do in a limited space – indoors. You don’t necessarily have to practice with a softball – you can actually use socks.

Yes – you read this right. The technique with the sock is quite simple – all you need to do is to find a reflective surface, such as a glass door or a mirror, and ball up a pair of socks. You can use the balled socks to practice your pitching skills by pitching the pair of socks against the glass surface.

Obviously, you will have confined space at home, which is why you can use a piece of tape to build a power line. You can also use sticky notes on the mirror or the reflective surface to establish different pitching zone targets.


The Benefit of Using a Reflective Surface while Practicing

The essential benefit of using a ball of socks and pitching it to a reflective surface is that it lets you see your body positioning and maneuvering technique while pitching. You will also be able to assess the various stages of your ball delivery.

This simple indoor exercise will help you develop a stronger and essentially straighter stride, which will further help you develop a more effective pitch. Moreover, the use of socks enables you to practice increasing the level of ramping up your arm to obtain maximum velocity.

Since you will be practicing for your next indoor softball league, the reflective mirror will help you see the different aspects of your pitching motion, which will help you make the mandatory corrections as you will have a clear picture of what you are doing wrong.

Often pitchers don’t realize their potential mistakes related to their arm path or their strides. Nonetheless, by pitching your ball of socks into a mirror, you will be “seeing” yourself in a way you otherwise might not be able to see yourself.

While you are at it, you will want to focus on correcting your maneuverability and body position so you can get some high-quality pitching.


Effective Indoor Batting Drills

To improve your batting, you will want to clear enough space so you can take a full batting swing. Ideally, you will want to switch to a softball swing bat-hitting aid so you can practice some nice swings. Since the hitting aid is smaller, you can maneuver it well into less space.

Besides, you can practice maneuverability with the right softball hitting aid by keeping it swinging and swinging. If you want to improve your hitting technique, you will want to swing the bat in slow motion. Meanwhile, you will want to consider your body positioning throughout the bat swing.

Suppose you get out of position while at it; you will want to stop and start over. Ideally, you should practice this drill by “hitting” against the wall while ensuring your bat doesn’t hit the wall.

If you don’t have a bat, use a bath towel to practice your batting stance. 

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