Saturday August 18th, 2018

Softball power couple needs your help winning wedding contest!


Ike Rivers and Alisha are Military softball and basketball directors who work tirelessly for the good of slowpitch softball and have also sponsored the Conference team and military team Semper for years.  They have entered a wedding contest called Wedding in a Week and are one of four finalists.  The winner gets a 35k wedding!  Lets all vote for Ike and Alisha!  


Vote for Alisha and Isaiah at this link NOW

vote by Thursday, January 16th at Noon


1) Simply click the link, scroll down to Alisha and Isaiah and below their section enter your email address and then enter the security code listed and hit the "click here to vote" button.

2) Do this for each email address that you have.

3) Then share the link   with all of your friends on facebook and social media!


In 2012, I met my soulmate and the air that I breathe playing in Military Softball Tournament in Panama City, Florida. I am a retired Air Force Vet and she is an Army Vet. When we met the first time there was only interest on side which was me. After the tournament ended there was no contact information exchanged only a nice to meet you take care exchange. 1 month later I found her on Facebook and we started small talk, that led to nice conversations. We met again later that month at the same place where we first met and that’s when God blessed me with my soulmate. That weekend the vibe we created was indescribable. She lived 1 hour from the tournament in Navarre, FL and I lived in Woodbridge, VA but I told her that distant will not keep me from seeing her. Since that date we have not missed 1 single day without talking to each other. What is so unique is that she was a single parent with 2 kids and I was a single parent with 2 kids as well. Because of the flexibility I had in my job I went to see her 2 weekends everyone month for almost 1 1/2. We were madly in love with each other and the only thing holding us back was distant. Because of her deep and loyal love for me, she made the ultimate decision to up root her family (son, daughter, mother, and dog) so we could be together. She left everything behind just to be with me and I felt like the luckiest man in the world. Here it is that we were going to finally bring the 2 families together and create our own version of the Brady Bunch. So, we packed up her house in Florida in a UHAUL and drove across the East Coast where we would start our new life. Once we got settled we went through a lot of trial and tribulations getting the families connected and on the same page until the end of 2016 when we decided that this family will stand any test of time. We first started off by purchasing a New Beautiful Home together and then on her birthday in June of 2017 I took her to Montego Bay Jamaica and got on my knees and ask her hand in Marriage and of course she said yes. We sat our date for the end of summer of 2018. But this Christmas I can see it in her eyes that she is ready to be married now and so am I and I just want to spend the rest of my life waking up to Mrs. Rivers so I went to the Jewelers and brought her wedding band and gave it to her as a Christmas present and asked her in front of our family would she marry me this month January or next Month February and yesterday when we were planning what day this month and or next month my soon to be mother-in-law showed me this contest. Me and Alisha deserve this marriage because there is no couple that has greater love than we have for each other plus there is no other couple that has brought 2 families together for the greater good as we have done for our family. We are definitely a match made in heaven.


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