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Softball on Facebook – October/November 2018


Random softball things found on Facebook while looking for softball related material – October 2018

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!





Keigley and Cordova went into the USSSA Hall

2018 USSSA Hall of Fame Inductees

Megan Willis – Fast Pitch

Ken Dirks – Director

Natasha Watley – Fast Pitch

Doug Morrison – Director


2019 USSSA Hall of Fame Inductees are:
Brian Rainwater
Doug Berfeldt 
Christan Dowling 
Wally Fortuna 
Eddie Small 
Hayes LeMay- Bryant Express



If I didn't miscount I see 39 championships for the Sirene Johnson


Danny Basso and Willie McCovey passed away.



Some old pictures posted on Facebook



USSSA CEO Don Dedonatis III and Chairman of the Board Rick Fortuna

Assistant Executive Director Danny Brown retired from USSSA




Conference Teams and Players


Former Conference pitcher Oscar Shipley

Artie Barcelo the flag football star




Bats for Sale email dw@softballcenter.com with an offer

27 Miken Platinum Max load
27 Lloyd Louisville Slugger
27 DeMarini Twisted Mistress












Johnny Bailey as Hank Aaron


Can't remember who this was?

Can't remember what softball family this was?





Random interesting things found while looking for softball on facebook…lol


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  1. Bama says:

    Who won the USSSA coed B world championship in New Mexico Halloween weekend!?

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