Wednesday September 15th, 2021

Smash It Sports men and women as well as LaFamiglia win 2021 Dowling Derby Dual!




Seattle Dowling Dual #1 Jeremy Yates of Resmondo hits against L&S Glass


2021 USSSA Seattle Major #1 bracket and results links

2021 USSSA Seattle Major #2 bracket and results links



Smash Its Everett Williams hits a walk off homer in the 1st game of the Dual #2 championship and Ben Dunn hits a walk off homer to win the "if" game!


Smash It Sports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 entered the Seattle Dual at Hogan Park in Kent, Washington as the #2 seed to Resmondo/Smash It/Menosse/Thunder but after beating them 2 out of the 3 times they met this past weekend they leave as the #1 team in the Conference.  Smash It rolled through Dual #1 last Thursday and Friday going undefeated and beating Competitive Edge/OlmitoHeat/Adiktiv (FL-A) 29-14 in the winner's final Friday morning and Resmondo 32-15 in the championship game after Resmondo had won 3 straight in the loser's bracket.  MAJ/KNELL/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8 (WA-A) finished 4th after upsetting Dan Smith in the quarterfinals.  Competitive Edge finished 3rd after beating Resmondo in the semifinals.  The 1st tournament was played for the most part on 300 foot fields with dirt infields and regular conference home run limits.

The 2nd dual which began on Friday as the 1st dual was finishing up, featured unlimited home runs and 80 foot bases and most of the big games were played on the baseball field with its 330-370-395-375-370-330 fences and the Dudley Stadium ZN ball.  In that tournament Resmondo beat Smash It Sports 22-18 in the winner's bracket finals Saturday night but Smash It came back and ran the table Sunday morning beating Dan Smith 28-19 and then "double dipping" Resmondo in the championship 19-18 and 35-34.  Dan Smith/Proton finished 3rd and even scored 51 runs in one loser's bracket game over on the 300 foot fields and a banged up and shorthanded Competitive Edge team finished 4th.

I will have a full tournament report, picture album, and videos coming this week as the red eye home and some computer troubles set me back some.  Unfortunately the Seattle Dual tournament directors decided to play music at fields 4, 5, and 6 so because of music copyright laws I was unable to get much coverage of games on those fields.

2021 Cincy live stream archives link

Resmondo vs Dan Smith dual #2 semifinal CONDENSED game link



Seattle Christan Dowling Derby Dual #1 Results!


Seattle Christan Dowling Derby Dual #2 Results! 

1st Place Both Duals – Smash It Sports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 (NC-M)


3rd Place Dual #1 and 4th Place Dual #2 – Competitive Edge/Olmito Heat/Adiktiv (FL-A)


4th Place Dual #1 – MAJ/KNELL/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8 (WA-A)




2021 Women's Seattle Dowling Dual Major

La Famiglia takes on Smash It/Derby Girls in the Championship of Dual #2

Women's teams were playing in honor of the late Christan Dowling who was the driving force behind the creation of the Women's Conference and the reinstatement of the Women's Major World Series.  In Dual #1 Christan's former team the Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton went undefeated rolling through the double elimination tournament beating Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A) 10-8 in the winner's final and again 14-2 in the championship game late Friday night.  On Saturday the 2nd dual began and it was a long day for the women's teams as La Famiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-A) upset Derby Girls 13-6 in the semifinals and then beat Classic Glass 18-8 to be the undefeated team going into Sunday.  Smash It/Derby Girls though won 4 straight in the loser's bracket to make it back to the championship but a fresh(er) La Famiglia bested them again 12-3 to win the tournament!

2021 USSSA Seattle Major #1 bracket and results links

2021 USSSA Seattle Major #2 bracket and results links

Look for the women's Conference update on Thursdays on!


Seattle Christan Dowling Derby Dual #1 Results!


Seattle Christan Dowling Derby Dual #2 Results!


1st Place Women's Seattle Dual #1 and 2nd Place Dual #2 – Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-M)


3rd Place Dual #1 and 1st Place Dual #2 – La Famiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-A)


2nd Place Dual #1 and 3rd Place Dual #2 – Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A)


4th Place Dual #1 – Infamous/BayArea/SaltRiot/Spiderz (CO-A)


4th Place Dual #2 – NTL/GSSports/Worth (CA-A)



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