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A salute to softball veterans!

It is Veterans Day!   I would like to keep our past article on softball veterans going by including any upper level softball players (past and present) names that we don't already have on the page.  This includes Sponsors, Managers, Umpires, and Directors.   Email me at to add a name or picture.

Also at the bottom of this page you can add in the comment section to list any upper level softball players that have a spouse, grandson, son, or parent that is a veteran.

Veteran's Day!

Thank you for your service!

A big thank you from to all the military veteran's past and present that served our country. 

This page salutes our upper level softball player's that have served our country.  

Please send me names of the upper level softball player's that have served and I will add them to the page ( or add their name to the comments section at the bottom of the page.   Thanks.  


2019 USSSA Military Champions and Major World Series team Militia/Treedem/Riot/Vetsports

Gene Somers was a shortstop on the 1975 All-Marine Softball team and All-Interservice Team pictured here.  The team came from the WesPac and most of the guys came the Hawaii HQ. 

2018 All Armed Forces team


Military Veterans Tre' Campbell and Johnny Bailey

2017 All Armed Forces team

2017 All Armed Forces team

2017 KLUTCH/Bull Dawg Trucking/SEMPER won the Varsity 'A' division

2017 VETSports/Militia finished 2nd at the Varsity 'A'


2017 4 The Fallen/CAGear/All American Athletics 3rd at the Varsity 'A'


2017 Legends Sports finished 4th at the Varsity 'A' division


2017 Heath/OA Apparel won the Varsity 'B' division


2017 Varsity 'B' 3rd Place – New Breed/FBT


2017 JK Inc – Over 40 Champs


2017 Over 40 2nd Place – Air Force Alumni

2017 Over 40 3rd Place – Outkast


2017 Sandlot from Illinois won the Men's Intramural division


2017 2nd Place Intramural – Bama Heat


2017 Women's 2nd Place – Kentucky Ballers

Militia/4TheFallen family of teams

2016 USSSA Military World tournament report

Anthony Mastrogiovanni

2005-2015 Army and National Guard – Multiple combat deployments and Bronze Star recipient


Tyler Burrus – 173rd Airborne

Women's Armed Forces ASA 'Open' National Champions!

All Air Force at the ASA 'B'

All Army at the ASA 'B'

4 The Fallen JTF Hawaii at the USSSA Major World Series with the umpires

Rob Schlemmer (right) is an Air Force veteran


Greg Jones US ARMY Ft Hood 1989-1994 Played on Docs/Easton in 2003

Bob Ellis was Army and his father USMC Sgt Major


Alfredo "DJ" DeJesus from the Killeen/Ft Hood Area and his brother MSG DeJesus

Dominic Fielder – SSG – U.S. Army

Tre Campbell

Len Anderson

Joey Paulk


Bengie Ramos – Nightmare/Louisville Slugger
Al Kennon- Nightmare/Louisville Slugger
David Jones- Nightmare/Louisville Slugger

Dustin Doty – Combat Rockstar

Brandon Gooding – 4 The Fallen


Jim Kulovitz – OC Swats


YouTube Preview Image

All Armed Forces Softball Team

2011 All Armed Forces Men's Team

All Armed Forces

Washington, D.C.


Anthony Bartolini NOMI DET NAMI
Chase Sims MCB Quantico, VA
Chris Markey Osan AFB, Korea
Christopher Stevens Okinawa, Japan
Clayton Shaw Fort Campbell, KY
Danny Rogers Camp Walker, Korea
Dexter High Nellis AFB, NV
Kevin Cox Fighter Squadron 106
Lee Diaz Tampa, FL
Leonard Myers Nellis AFB, NV
Lester Daniels Fort Gordon, GA
Melvin DeRolf Fort Gordon, GA
Richard Burley Lackland AFB, TX
Robert Chastain Aviano AFB, Italy
Todd Duncan Shaw AFB, SC
Stephen Shortland Randolph AFB, TX
Scott Feterl Fort Bragg, NC

Zac Turissini
Josh Wiggs
Nelly McLeod
Rob Darhower
Clint Hiller
Elmer Mason
Albert Kemp
Walt Reaves
Clay Bazile
Chief Watts
Cheyron Mcrae
Rob Darhower
Michael Melton
Nelly McLeod
Tom Atha
Chris Williams
Dale Back
Tony Patrick
Kirby Puckett
Scott Harris
Tony Madden
Drew Pearson
John Heller
David Lewis
Dennis Davison – US Army (Primetime)
Jim Pressley
Reggie Myers
Kirby Murphy US Marines played for RAC, Magic
Eddie Rivera
Kirk Myers
Jerry Wieland
Dustin Kentzell
Cornelio Escobedo played for R&D Easton – US Army
Dennis Emhoff – Navy
Dave Willams
Dan" DR" Rotenberry
Hal Koudelka "KUJO"
USMC Ronnie Demari

 All Armed Forces Women's Team


Mike Turney – US Marines – 20yrs
O.C. Swats 1985-1992
All-Marine Team
All Inter-Service Team
Camp Pendleton Marine Team

Mike was a Master Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines and was heavily involved in the Marine softball team as a player and manager before a 6 year stint in promotions at Worth sporting goods company. Mike was 52 years old when he passed away from a brain tumor in 2007 and had 30 years with the Marine Corp. We thank Mike (posthumously) and his family for his dedicated service and sacrifices made for our country.

Ryan Robbins

Dale Roe

Matt Hunt

Dexter Avery

Jason Kreider


Johnny Bailey

Scott Brown

Chad Munger

Dustin Roberts

Josh Wiggs

Kathem Martin

Greg Zayas

Jermaine Flythe

Darwin Vinson – Air Force veteran

Charlie Brown

David Eberflus

Chad Loudon

Pat Dalsanders

Adam Belding From TYJA US Army

Warren Bellm (Dudley director) – 4 years Air Force 1965-1969

Steven Morris

  John Beasley – former Bell Corp player

Mike Cervantes from Miken Mafia/ASPnation US ARMY 97-04
Diane Cervantes from Cajan Chaos US Navy 01-09 


Players with family members that are veterans:

SSgt Carrie Hickerson is in the Air Force and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan – Chris Hoshaw's wife

 LTC L. W. Tanner -father of Alan Tanner

Jerry Bowser Sr.

Send me more names so I can add them to the list, thanks.

26 responses to “A salute to softball veterans!”

  1. steve gilbert says:

    dont forget ryan robbins

  2. blake says:

    Alex puscarich navy veteran

  3. R. Everett says:

    Thank you very much for your service!!

  4. Henri Nuber says:

    Mike Turney was a super star! He was a 120% dedicated American soldier just as his father before him. I was, and still am, proud to call him my friend. As he would say, “come-on” loud and proud. Thinking of you still Mike!

    • Peggy Turney says:

      Henri, well said! Mike will always be a part of your heart and watching over you! 🙂 Miss him too, and reading your comment left a smile on my face.

    • Jim Fairchild says:

      I may be a bit late to the table here, but like Peggy, I just happened by. I played with Henri and the OC Swats in the early to mid 1980’s before I was discharged from the USMC in 1985. During that time I also played with and against Mike in MANY a softball tournament. I remember him to be fierce competitor with a great passion for softball and friend to all those who played with AND against him. I remember him and Henri to this day with my fondest memories both of softball and life.

  5. James says:

    Ed Hicks US Army

    Kirby Investments
    Benfield Electric/Worth
    C&M Sporting Goods/TPS
    L&L Painting
    Twin States/Worth

  6. Dom says:

    Tre Campbell

  7. Peggy Turney says:

    Just came across this and it may not actually be Veterans Day but every day I thank our Military and Veterans for your service! Thank you! And thank you to Softball Center for doing this salute!

  8. Cowboy says:

    I am an Air Force Veteran. Thank you to all of the other softball veterans for your service.

  9. Big Poppa says:

    A huge thank you to our Veterans! Without your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family, we couldn’t enjoy the freedoms we have today. I vow to never take for granted the freedoms so many has fought and died to protect.

  10. Drew says:

    Thanks Dale means a lot boss. You will never know buddy.. Appreciate that.

  11. Mike Yandle USCG Rescue Swimmer Medically Retired says:

    I played with John Beasley on the All Navy Team as Coast Guardsman. He was a great mentor and helped me tremendously to make the team. I believe we were the first Coastguardsman to represent the USCG on The Navy Team. It was the most fun I had playing ball. I was a Rescue Swimmer one of the first in Hawaii and graduated Honorman at the Navy Swimmer School. I was jerked on a hoist and swimmer check ride and had to be medically retired after 11 years. Now I have rods and screws in my lower back with a fusion. I say this to remind you softball studs to always work your lower back out as much as your abs. I was wondering if I could get the coaches phone number and purchase a hat, find out where there practicing and trying out this year and where the tournament is going to be held to attend please. Best of luck gentlemen and Beasley if you read this contact me at 443-880-8118, and Coach, you can contact me also. Thank you so much.

  12. Mike Yandle USCG Rescue Swimmer Medically Retired says:

    My son Christian is on a 87ft boat. Wants to be a Swimmer and I couldn’t be more proud as any Parent that has a child that entered the Military.

  13. Rebecca Farmer says:

    I was on the first and second women marine softball team. I also was the assistant coach on the second team. We only had one week to prepare for the inter-service tournament. I was station at Camp Lejune, Jacksonville,NC.

    If you need any more information, do not hesitate to e-mail me. Thank you.

  14. Jerry Michael West says:

    Thanks for doing this – I played on the 1972 All-Army and All-Armed Forces slow-pitch softball team – good to see the military interest in softball is still going strong.

  15. Jerry Michael West says:

    Correction to the above – I joined the Army at Fort Polk in 1972 – went to the Fast-pitch softball camp at Fort Benning in 1973, and played first base on the All-Army team that won the Inter-service tournament at Indiantown Gap in 1974 and made the All-Armed Forces team that played in York, PA – wonderful memories of truly great men.

  16. Frankie Andriola says:

    Army veteran

  17. Tommy Melton says:

    That’s awesome DW. Great job with sending out recognition to the Armed Forces. Lots of great ball players in that mix.

  18. Brandon Pavey says:

    Recently came across your website and seen this thread. It is pretty awesome how you acknowledge all of the armed forces.
    Active Army 4 years
    California National Guard 2.5 years
    Not a conference player mostly local tournaments and some out of state.

  19. Gene Somers says:

    I was on the 1975 All-Marine Softball team and also the All-Interservice Team. The team came from the WesPac and most of the guys came the Hawaii HQ. My name is Gene Somers HM3 USN stationed with 3MarDiv in Okinawa. I played shortstop and have several pictures of the team I would like to post.

    • Gene Somers says:

      Slight correction to the pictures I sent. As could clearly be seen on our uniforms at the Marine Softball Championship we represented the FMFPAC not the WesPac. The 2 pictures are of identical players, the difference being, (besides the uniforms), before winning the Marine championship and after winning the Marine championship. With no additions we went on to win the Interservice championship. I will send a picture of the medal I received.

  20. Tom Malvich says:

    I was on the 1975 All-Navy Softball team. I was an FTM3 stationed onboard USS Tarawa (LHA-1) homeported out of San Diego. Was picked up by the NAS North Island softball team and won the 1975 All-Navy tournament at Naval Station, Charleston, SC. I was also selected for the All-Navy Team that competed in the 1975 Inter-service tournament in Charleston as well.

  21. Ralph Kalbach says:

    I played on the 1972 TAC Air Force Slow Pitch Softball Team at Cannon AFB, N.M. Then played on the 1972 Ar Force at Camp Lagune. N.C. We won the U S Forces Tournament.

  22. Steve Shannon says:

    I played on the All Army team in 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85. & coached in 86. Selected to the Armed Forces team several years. I loved the years I played and treasure the memories.

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