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Ryan Robbins tribute page


Earlier this week Ryan Robbins was had a heart attack which led to a torn aorta.  He survived a lengthy surgery but then unfortunately passed away on Thursday, November 8, 2012.  Ryan was a Major player in the softball world for many of the top teams including Dan Smith, Long Haul, Jean Shoppe, Specialty Tank, Creative Stucco, Watanabe, Suncoast, and most recently Nordkap/Desert Falls.  Ryan had over 1,000 plate appearances in the Conference USSSA, over 200 home runs, and multiple world and national titles across many associations.  At one point when he played for Long Haul in 2009, Ryan went 25-25 at the Music City Classic and then went 26-29 in the Windy City Classic and was onbase safely in over 30 consecutive plate appearances!  Ryan's nickname was "Psycho" and he was known for his patented "surfing" around first base after a base hit.  Ryan was 40 years old.

Please send your stories and pictures of Ryan to for posting on this – his memorial page. 

Ryan Robbins

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We here at Columbus, IN Parks & Rec Athletics that worked with Ryan everyday have set up an account at 5/3rd Bank to help the family. You can mail to any branch here with it addressed to the fund in his name. For more specific info you can contact the bank at 812-372-9645 and they can give you the exact details of how to make out checks, money orders, etc.

We have lost one of our family and are greatly saddened. All we can hope to do now is to try and do whatever we can in his memory for those left behind.

We love and miss you brother, but keep those diamonds pristine up there. One day we will be there to play again and those chalk lines better be straight, keep the diesel out of the hydro, and the irrigation running so those outfields are green.

Nothin' but love for ya' bro,

– Brian Rice aka Puddin'

Ryan was an gifted individual that not only could play ball, but could bring out the best in the people around him. He was driven to be the best at whatever he chose. If he was having a good day he inspired you, but if he was having a bad day he was there trying his best to motivate the others around him. He was more than an athlete though. He was a father, a husband, a brother, and my son. You always wonder if there was anything you could have done to prevent a tragic situation, but I believe God has a plan for all of us and when he needs you back there is nothing you can do to change it. All we can do is tell the people around us that we love them and are proud of them as often as we can. Those are words we often take for granted. I just hope I said them enough. I will miss my son.

– John Robbins



The world lost a great guy and one of the best teammates anyone could ask for! You hated playing against Psycho, but he was the ultimate teammate. He was serious about winning, but more serious about having fun and playing the game the way it was meant to be played. Life is short, and this is a reminder to all of us that there are very important things in life we all to often take for granted.

My favorite memory, and there are a lot of them, came in the Conference Championship in 2011 Sunday morning. We were playing Resmondo, Psycho comes up and strikes out swinging against Andy and it wasn't even close. He comes back to the dugout laughing and telling us how nasty that was. We were able to hit around that inning, and he comes back up and hits a grand slam and does the patented bat flip and tells Andy he was just setting him up. Classic Pyscho moment, and I'm sure DW has that all on camera archived somewhere.

R.I.P. my friend, we'll see you in heaven one day and relive some of the many stories on and off the field!!

 – Dan Bean

I'm in disbelief & wonder why, but we have to understand that God needed him more. Psycho was a great player, but an even better person. He lived & did it his way & that was by having fun, taking the game for what it was, but still playing it the right way & to win & always with That Smile. I know he made a lot of opposing players upset with the bat flip, the boooowoops, the snap catches, the surfer slide around first, etc., but this tragic situation & day SHOULD MAKE US ALL REALIZE THAT SOFTBALL IS JUST A GAME, NOT LIFE!! We all need to Appreciate Life, Love to the fullest & just play this game for what it's Worth & that it is just a game!!

To all his family & dear friends (there is a bunch), I would like to express my condolences, my thoughts & My Prayers. I Love ya Brother & Will Truly Miss You & I Will Wear the #16 With Even MORE PRIDE & RESPECT BECAUSE OF YOU!! Thank You for Who You Were & The Way You Lived & Played!!!

Here's a few things for you & Everyone to Remember:
"Good and You?"
"Blue Skies….."
& a Final Bat Flip & "BOOOOOOWOOOOOP"
I Love & Miss You & Always Will!!!

– Rusty Bumgardner

Lost a good friend and even greater guy today. It will take time as family and friends heal from the loss of a loved one. Some never truly understanding why someone leaves this earth, let alone at an early age. It's not our place to wonder why, it is more about being there for one another. The thing I have notice as we all get older it. It happens more often. This is because of age but more important that are extended families and people we care about grows. Love hurts and I can truly say I rather have loved and to feel love than not to love at all or feel it. I have had love in my life and took it for granted. At times putting other things in life first before the loved ones in my life. Those in my life I will try to be there and love back and show that love to you. It's times like this when you lose someone you love that grounds you and you continue to learn and love even more. We have again just learned that life is short, if not for you but for others. Don't stop loving. Even at times of lose and you hurt it is by far better to love than to hate.

People question last year when we added him to our roster. I can only say this. It was by far the best move in softball. I gained a brother off the field and a man and a friend I truly love and will always remember. He restored the meaning that I always tell my players, "Play the game right". Well Ryan you will always be that guy for me. The guy that played the game right. What more could I ask for. In every way Ryan you touched my life and other family members and friends life. Showing even my son how a simple game we all play, that there is a right way to play it. Taking that and having hours to think about you I realized I won it all this year on and off the field. I will take that any day.

Rest in Peace number #16.

Much love the Meersman Family.

In 2009 my C team had our best conference tournament of the year at the Last Chance in Michigan. Our first loss was against Long Haul via the 20 run rule, and there are 2 things that I will always remember about that game. The first is the 940ft home run that the late J.C Phelps hit directly over my head in left field. The second was during one of my at bats. I chopped a ground ball to the SS and got a great jump out of the box to start my sprint toward first. About 3 steps down the line I realize that Long Haul's catcher (who was supposed to be resting his center field legs) was RACING me down the line. Of course he pulled away and beat me to first, and everyone on the field got a good laugh out of it (including me). I think if anyone else did that during a game, it might be frowned upon. But since it was Ryan, everyone knew he meant no disrespect and it was all in good fun. That's how he played the game: hard and with a smile on his face.

– Chad McCarthy

Ryno was a great player and help our team win multiple state championships. (Sportstar out of Louisville,Ky). He gave it his all. Thanks Ryan.

– Dean Forbes

I can honestly say that I never called him Ryan, always Psycho because it was a perfect fit for him. I consider him a legend in the game/sport of softball. Psycho was my teammate last year with Reebok. Couldnt ask for a better team player!! Guy had so much knowledge for the game. Anytime he told me to shift in the outfield…I would yell "COPY" lol…..We picked up a few boxes of stink bombs in the windy city last year and saved them for the airport….Might of been some of the funniest and longest laughs I have ever had. Crying we were laughing so hard. I could go on for days with funny memories we had together all packed into one year. I love you Psycho…..RIP homie…..I will see you again one day up in the top shelf player!! GOOOOOOD n YOU!!!!!!!!
RIP Ryan "Psycho" Robbins

– Adam Rockoff


My thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan and his family.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ryno for many years, and l can say he played the game and lived life to the fullest.

Rest in peace.

– Hector Pagan

RIP Brother and god bless you and your family, had the chance to be with 2 teams along side of Ryno and never a boring moment, You and great one liners will be missed.

– Dean Stevens, Taylormade


Couldnt have asked for a better teammate and friend. He could make u laugh on the drop of a hat no matter what kind of mood u were in. Gonna miss his famous one liners it was like he had a book of them cause it was always new material.he will be truely missed and my thoughts and praiers go out to his family.

R.i.p psycho love ya brother

– Brett McCollum

Suncoast Reebok sends there prayers to the family & friends of Ryno! He will always be in our heart and played to win the game. Loved Softball & will always be remembered as the most intense player in the game. Get him "psycho" – keep hitting the Big Bombs in the sky! Why Wouldn't ya!

You will be truly missed cuzzy! You made the game fun playing with you or against you!

– Kevin Johnson

Still having a hard time believing he's not with us, but God only knows! Prayers to all his family & friends during these times… I'll always remember those one liners & that Big SMILE! He Loved & Lived Life to it's Fullest, just as he played the game! You'll be missed cuzzy…..

RIP Ryan "Psycho" Robbins

– Joey D


– Curtiss Wilson

Very sorry to hear this news. Rhino was a guy who played 100 mph all the time. He never gave any less than his best and was as entertaining as any player I've ever been around. We will miss you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

– Mike Cornell

Very sorry to hear this tragedy.still remember meeting Ryan at the airport in Oklahoma. Was a great guy to chat with about life and ball. R.I.P Ryan. U will be missed.

– James Kelly and all of Canada

What a terrible tragedy! I am truly saddened to hear of his passing! I played with Ryno in 2005 With Team Stucco and as usual he was a huge part of our succcess due in part to his play and in part to his comic relief! From the high socks to sliding around first after a walk! A great player and person that always had a smile when he saw you! He will be missed by all who knew him! My heart goes out to his family! I know that there are no words to help them in this difficult time! RIP buddy! We will all miss you!

– Rich Gulash

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