Wednesday May 22nd, 2019

Registration and 2019 Conference USSSA information email

I sent this email to all of the teams on my email list as of 1/29/2019

Registration and 2019 Conference USSSA information email

To all prospective men's and women's 2019 Conference USSSA teams,

This is Dale Weiser from USSSA and Strojan Kennison the Conference Commissioner asked me to reach out to the teams with some information about the 2019 season.

To join the Conference you must send in your deposit now and pay in full by April 30th.  Sending your roster and schedule to for posting on the website and in Softball Magazine and Big Time Softball magazine does not constitute entering the Conference.  The only way to enter the Conference is by filling out the application form in the packet at the links below and sending that along with your deposit to the USSSA home office to  Then you must register your team online with your roster.  When you register use the players name and account that he/she has used in the past.  Do not create a new account.  If you need help contact  All teams will be classified by the Conference Classification Committee prior to your first Conference event.  Remember that roster points are simply an offseason team building tool and are a maximum.  Meaning if you go over the points for your classification you are automatically bumped to the next higher classification.  Regardless of points, teams can still be moved to the next higher classification based on roster strength before or during the season and performance during the season.  

Men’s Conference Information and Schedule Packet

Women’s Conference Information and Schedule Packet


If you are playing either of the first two Conference events in Las Vegas or Houston you will need to register now and let for Las Vegas or (Greg Huchingson) in Houston know of your intention to play in their tournament, as the teams are filling up fast and we don't want you to get locked out.  Space is limited.


To all prospective 'A' and 'B' teams.  Don't forget about the GSL 'A' World tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 17th and 18th at the Mid America Ballyard in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Last year was a great event that they hope to grow into the future.  Here is a link to the tournament report:


Tryouts.  Remember in the Conference you can "tryout" a player for two tournament weekends.  The player has to be coming from a lower level for it to be considered a tryout.  The player gets their release from their lower team, they get added to your roster, and they play two tournament weekends.  At that point they have to make a decision to stay with your team or go back to their lower level team.  If they go back to their lower level team then I go into the system and "skip" their playing history with your team in their profile so their player rating is not affected.  As of now the programmers at USSSA are working on the system and the "skips" I have done for conference tryout players the past 4 years are not showing correctly.  If you have a player who's skip is not showing properly and it is affecting their Player Rating Value, let me know and I can manually get it corrected.  Thank you for your patience on this as the website adds tools that the directors need.


Finally, tournament directors need your help.  When you stay at their host hotels which are usually the best hotels near the fields for the lowest price, the directors can then afford to bring in more Conference Umpires which in turn makes your experience better.  The Euless, Texas and Chicago Major directors have reached out to me with the host hotel deals listed below.  I have personally stayed at these hotels and highly recommend them:

For any questions, hit me up at or 440-715-3301.  Right now on the men's side it looks like there are 35-41 teams for 2019.

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