Thursday May 13th, 2021

Recent Poll Results from TheOldScout message board polls!


Here are the poll results from theoldscout message board polls during the 2020 offseason


Looks like most softballers believe softball will resume in June.

20% did say April 2021.  🙁



Looks like a pretty even split. 

We still don't actually know what the final numbers will be.



Looks like 71% do not feel Conference wrecked the Local divisions.

I personally will never be able to understand how if there was no conference anyone would want say Brian Wegman or Andy Purcell playing in their local B and C divisions?

In my opinion having elite players in your local B and C would ruin those divisions.



As of March 29th the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has already infected 123,000+ and 2,000+ have died from it.  And those are only the numbers based on those that tested positive.  "Experts" are saying the peak could come in late April or mid May.  So looks like 48% of those polled are already incorrect.



Looks like Conference Sponsors, Players, and Fans would all like to see the 2nd tournament at the Hall of Fame Classic be a blind draw.



Looks like most softballers don't want to see the 35 and over division use senior bats by a huge margin!



2/3rds want to see Worlds rotated around the country.

I know when they tried to move the B and C Worlds to South Carolina for 2020 there was a lot of upset teams but it would be nice to see a few rotated around.



Playing field and conditions are most important according to the poll.

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