Thursday May 13th, 2021

Help rate the players for 2020


Each year a few people say that the Major list and Major Watch list are not correct.  Here is your chance to chime in and help fix the lists.

Remember that the lists are used to determine what a player would be if they played AA or below.  The lists don't affect Major teams.  Being on the Major list doesn't mean you played on a Major team or play on a Major team.  It means the player will count for points if they are on a AA team and usually means  were an All Conference Award Winner.

So below you can rate the existing players that play on Major and AA teams.

I also added in all of the players that are currently on the lists that didn't play this year.  Some of them are only on the watch list because by the by laws we could only move them down one level per year.

Your name, email, and picks will be hidden from everyone accept me and I will only use the data to total everyones picks.

RATE Only the players that you know either Elite, Major List, Major Watch List, AA, A, B, or C

Leave blank any players you don't know or are unsure of.

3 responses to “Help rate the players for 2020”

  1. rick says:

    here s mine

  2. Donnie Hammonds says:

    Hard to judge some of these guys that haven’t played recently!

  3. Player says:

    Hard to judge some of these guys that haven’t played recently!

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