Thursday September 20th, 2018

Added latest pictures —> USSSA Space Coast stadium and complex video!


The fields are complete!


USSSA Space Coast Complex

New pictures 12/19/2017

The new USSSA Headquarters is located in Viera, Florida

Link to the new video of the Space Coast Complex!





New pictures 11/14/2017

News Articles:

Article from Space Coast Living about the new complex

Article about the turf and complex

The baseball quad at the top.  

The softball quad in the middle.

The youth and fastpitch fields at the bottom.

Looking back towards the stadium

Baseball quad

The giant scoreboard and video board going up in left field!


Older pictures

Looks like the turf is in back there on the softball quad and the main fastpitch field



Older construction pictures from the summer

The stadium field is done


The baseball field quad in the back is about finished.

This is where the Nationwide Conference Championships will be played over Labor Day Weekend.


You can see the start of the kids baseball and fastpitch quad here in the middle.

The men's/women's Softball field quad in the upper left, and the NPF stadium top right.

And the baseball quad in the top left.

2 responses to “Added latest pictures —> USSSA Space Coast stadium and complex video!”

  1. Billy says:

    Dw those fields look great, the kids will enjoy playing there.

  2. Cliff_C says:

    looks like there are going to be a lot of balls in the water at the 4 field pod. It is going to be a beautiful complex.

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