Saturday July 24th, 2021

Poll Results #1: The "Floating Rubber"



2010 Poll Results

Article #1

The "Floating Rubber"

This is the first article in a series over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the sanctioning bodies November meetings, which will take the poll results collected from questions that were asked throughout the 2010 season on

Question:  Should the floating rubber be used in USSSA Conference play?

Number of Voters 112

(71  63.4%) Yes    

(41  36.6%) No  

Interesting results.  The "Floating Rubber" rule which is used in most USSSA non-conference tournaments allows the pitcher to pitch anywhere from the pitching rubber all the way back 6 feet towards 2nd base and anywhere in between.  

This poll shows an overwhelming majority would prefer the use of the "floating rubber" in USSSA Conference play.   Many would say that the pitcher's would still throw from the front of the rubber in order to get the ball on top of the hitter, faster.   Other's would say they would like the option to be able to throw from variable distances. 

Personally I would like to see this implemented in 2 or 3 tournaments spread out across the Conference schedule in 2011 as a trial, and make an evaluation and vote at the end of the year.   In the end, I believe it will not be voted in when it comes to Conference play.

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