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Poll Results #3:"Is it time to reduce the amount of Major Players per Team?"



2010 Poll Results

Article #3

Reduce the amount of Major Player's per team?


This is the third article in a series over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the sanctioning bodies November meetings, which will show the poll results from survey's taken at in 2010.

Poll Question:  Resmondo beat the top teams at the Major by the run rule in all 5 games.   Is it time to begin reducing the amount of Major players on a Major team?

Number of Voters 151

(56 votes 37.1%) Yes, reduce it to 5 max 
(44 votes 29.1%) Yes, reduce it to 4 max    
(28 votes 18.5%) No, leave it alone.     
(23 votes 15.2%) Yes, reduce it to 3 max 

This was one of the closer poll questions in terms of results.   What can be said about this poll however is that 81% of the voter's believe there should be a reduction in the number of player's on a Major team to 5 list player's or less.

At the ASA 'A' where they are allowed a maximum of 5 Restricted List Player's, we witnessed Dan Smith and Long Haul as they put together some really good teams.  Teams that in my estimation would win most Conference events where Major teams like Resmondo were not present.   So reducing to 5 per team may not be the answer.   The answer is probably to reduce it to 3 Major player's per team.

Here are the rosters of the top 2 teams at the ASA 'A' which only allowed 5 major player's per team , just to show how good these teams can be. 

No. Dan Smith/Menosse/SNL San Jose, CA Pos B/T
00 J D Genter Fort Oglethorpe, GA 3B R/R
1 Jeff McGavin Macomb, MI SS R/R
3 Chad McLamb Fayetteville, NC OF L/L
8 Brad Reckart Trenton, OH MI R/R
9 John Gallegos Upland, CA 2B R/R
12 Brian Wegman Hamilton, OH OF R/R
14 Pat Dalsanders Spokane, WA Coach R/R
18 Mark Urbain Centreville, VA Util R/R
25 Bobby Nifong Winston-Salem, NC Coach L/L
26 Rick Baker West Harrison, IN OF L/L
34 Geno Buck Red Wing, MN P R/R
42 Johnny Bailey San Diego, CA 1B R/R
44 Brett Helmer Cicero, NY Coach L/L
72 Hector Pagan Tampa, FL Coach R/R



No. Long Haul Trucking Albertville, MN Pos B/T
1 Teddy Larson Lakeland, MN Coach R/R
2 Jeremy Isenhower Olathe, KS 2B/OF L/L
3 Michael Stephany Overland Park, KS OF L/L
4 Bryson Baker Woodland, CA MI R/R
7 Adam Rockoff West Palm Beach, FL OF R/R
8 Travis Clark Kenosha, WI P R/R
9 Dennis Rulli Moorepark, CA 3B R/R
11 Gary Jost Oakdale, MN Coach R/R
12 Jason Branch Brooksville, FL OF L/L
14 Kevin Bazat Columbia, MO 2B L/L
20 Bryan Jost Lakeland, MN OF R/R
21 Brett McCollum Lake Villa, IL SS R/R
22 Chris Larsen Vancouver, WA C R/R
25 Kyle Moyer Tiffin, OH 1B L/L
40 Dan Sanchez Fresno, CA P L/L


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