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Poll Results #2: Best Tournament to Win (excluding Major World)



2010 Poll Results

Article #2

Best Tournament to Win

This is the second article in a series over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the sanctioning bodies November meetings, which will show the poll results from survey's taken at in 2010.

What is the best tournament to win (excluding the Major World Series)

Number of Voters 70

(20  28.6%) USSSA Smoky Mountain Classic    
(17  24.3%) USSSA 'A' World 
(9   12.9%) USSSA Dudley 
(6     8.6%) USSSA Conference Championships 
(4     5.7%) USSSA 'B' World 
(4     5.7%) ASA 'A' World 
(4     5.7%) ASA Firemans 
(4     5.7%) Some other tournament 
(2     2.9%) USSSA Chicago Major 
(0       0%) ASA 'B' World 
(0       0%) NSA Open World 
(0       0%) USSSA Hall of Fame Classic 

The results of this poll were not surprising as the Smoky Mountain Classic, rich in tradition, is truly the top Tournament event in slow pitch softball outside of the Major World Series.  The Smoky is limited to 30 teams and they attempt to get the top 30.   The tournament is unique in that they allow unlimited home runs.

I feel that in order for the Smoky to draw the top 30 teams, they would need to move the tournament to the 3rd weekend in July rather than the 2nd.  This is because July 4th weekend is the weekend of the Seattle double tournament and teams that play Seattle are physically beat up and don't want to travel two weeks in a row.   Either move the Smoky to the 3rd weekend, or move the Seattle tournament to another date is my suggestion.

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