Saturday July 24th, 2021

Poll Results #9 "IF Game?"



2010 Poll Results

Article #9

"If" Game?

Albicocco double dipped Wood Law in Houston back in June.

Should regular season Conference events have an "IF" game?

Number of Voters 102

(72  70.6%) Yes, the winner's bracket champion deserves the extra game cushion! 
(30  29.4%) No!  Noone likes the if game, players miss flights, its silly during the regular season! 

I was surprised to see that 70% would prefer to see the winner's bracket champion have to get beat twice in the Championship as has been the case with double elimination tournaments since the Conference Championship was created in 2006.

In my opinion, it doesn't make any difference how you get to the Championship game in one of these Conference events.   Either way, you have earned it and should be on equal ground for a one game, winner takes all final.   Noone likes the "if" game.   Most have to catch flights home.   Non-Major teams coming out of the loser bracket have almost no chance to beat a Resmondo team once, let alone twice.   But the masses don't seem to agree so we won't pursue this one.

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