Saturday July 24th, 2021

Poll Results #8 "Bat Testing"



2010 Poll Results

Article #8

Bat Testing?

Should bat testing be done for all teams in Conference play, with bats being stored in cans and taken to the field only when that team plays their game?

Number of Voters 126

(94%) Yes, the garbage can storage idea is the only true way to keep bat performance even!    
(  5%) No, spot checking and checking on Sunday's is enough!    
(  1%) No, let it be the wild wild west like the old days!      

As you can see above, this poll was voted on between June and August of this past summer.

A whopping 94% agreed that garbage can storage of the bats after compression testing was the way to go. 

After a brutal month of trying to investigate the ALLEGED bat tampering of a majority of the teams at the Major World Series I have come to the conclusion on my own that there is only "he said, she said" evidence.   There was a lot of smoke surrounding the "Tire Shop" but I need more evidence than just words…  

All of the bats from all teams that were in the buckets passed the compression testing at the beginning of the tournament and the bats were kept under lock and key for the remainder of the tournament, just as we all asked to be done.

From now on if the bat comes from the bucket in 2011 just like 2010, then its good to go in my book.

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