Thursday August 5th, 2021

Poll Results #7 "Return on Conference Entry Fee"



2010 Poll Results

Article #7

Return on Conference Entry Fee?


Do most conference teams get their 5k entry fee back in the form of hotel rooms, travel money, and entry fees?

Number of Voters 43

(29  67.4%) No, teams lose money.    
(14  32.6%) Yes, most get 5k or more back over the course of the season.    

An overwhelming poll majority says teams lose money on their 5k Conference entry fee.   This would be contrary to what I have learned from Conference manager's over the years.   Remember a Conference team gets 6 entry fees paid, plus entry's at the 'A' World, Conference Championship, and Major World if they qualify, a $3,000 value.   Plus if they qualify for the Conf Championship and Major, there is significant travel money, hotel rooms, and of course travel money to their respective World tournament.

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