Saturday July 24th, 2021

Poll Results #5 "52 vs 40 Core Ball"



2010 Poll Results

Article #5

52 core ball?


Should all of Softball Switch to the .52 cor/275 lbs Ball?

Number of Voters 87

(34  39.1%) Yes    
(29  33.3%) No 
(19  21.8%) Haven't Hit it Yet 
(5      5.7%) Haven't Hit it Yet, but it has to Help the Game 

A close vote on the .52 core ball.  Some say the ball negates the shaved bat effects.   Some say it brings back the true homerun hitter's and makes them valuable again.

I will probably post this poll again soon, now that a lot of player's have played in the ASA regionals and nationals and have a better feel for it.


Should the Conference ball (the classic M) 40 core, low compression continue to be used?

Number of Voters 23

(14  60.9%) Yes, the classic M gives the lower class teams a chance to compete and use their homeruns. 
(9    39.1%) No, they should use a softer ball so the true hitter's benefit.   

60% of voter's seem to like the Conference ball.   It has definitely brought more parity to the Conference and the top 'B' teams have been able to compete with the 'A' teams for sure.   It is definitely harder than the 2008 Conference ball which made the top power hitter's more valuable.

I would agree, lets leave the ball alone.   If you want to experiment with a new ball, announce it ahead of time and which tournaments the new ball will be used.   I am sure 2011 teams are basing their roster off of the ball used in 2010.

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