Thursday July 29th, 2021

Poll Results #4 "Should Specialty Programs Get World Series Berth?"



2010 Poll Results

Article #4

Major berth to specialty programs?


Should the Major World Series include a berth for the Armed Forces All Stars, The Canadian All Stars and the Black and Hispanic Champions?

Number of Voters 167

(98  58.7%) Yes, all of them should get a berth.    
(41  24.6%) No, none of them should get a berth. 
(22  13.2%) Just the Armed Forces should get a berth. 
(5      3.0%) Just the Canadian All Stars should get a berth. 
(1      0.6%) Just the Hispanic Champ should get a berth. 
(0         0%) Just the Black American Champ should get a berth.

Over half (58%) of voter's believe all of the all star teams mentioned should get a berth to the USSSA Major World Series!   I could not agree more.   Each of these specialized divisions of softball have sponsorship groups that should be exposed to the World Series which could help grow the upper levels.

We already know what the Canadian All Stars are capable of after their win in the 2010 Border Battle game on ESPN.   The Armed Forces team has put capable teams in the past together for the ASA 'A', and I'm sure Elite would jump at the chance to back an All Hispanic Champion, as would Pace for the Black Champion.   Of course all of these groups would need to be allowed two to four roster pickups to complete their squads.

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