Thursday August 5th, 2021

Poll Results #11 "Conference Team Classification"



2010 Poll Results

Article #11

Conference Team Classification?


Should Conference teams be classified 'A' or Major only?

Number of Voters 89

(61  68.5%) Yes, all Conference teams are 'A' teams or better    
(28  31.5%) No, they should be any classification  

Conference 'B' teams were a combined 61 wins and 80 losses vs Conference 'A' teams in 2010 with the top 'B' teams having a 56-52 record vs the 'A' division.

I feel that all Conference 'B' teams in 2011 should be required to sanction 'A' to start 2011 and then evaluated based on their season performance as to whether they should be able to drop down to 'B' during the season.   The poll results seem to agree.

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