Monday June 17th, 2019

O.C. Swats and Doerflinger merge for 2015!


Ric Doerflinger joins O.C. Swats as New Sponsor/Coach


Henri Nuber and Ric Doerflinger

O.C. Swats will be back in 2015 with Ric Doerflinger as new sponsor/coach. "I'm extremely happy to add Ric to the team" explains Henri Nuber, O.C. Swats team manager. "Not only will he be bringing some financial assistance to the team, but his experience and knowledge will be a valuable addition to the program" he continues. "Both Ric and I are excited about the roster we will be putting on the field in 2015…it will be the best squad that O.C. Swats has fielded in the past 3 years" Henri stated.

O.C. Swats was originally formed by Henri Nuber in the late 1970's, beginning play as a league team and then after winning it's first tournament in 1983 the team continued playing strictly tournament ball for the next 20 plus years finishing with a 4th place in USSSA A World.  In 2012 O.C. Swats began playing Conference softball as a C team and finished the year 28-29 and 38th in Conference rankings with 389 points.  In 2013 the team moved up to the B level and finished with a record of 37-19 and with 859 points was ranked 27th. This past year still playing B's O.C. Swats were a couple of games away from winning a World Series berth and finished 18th with 1046 points.

"I have a couple of softball goals, one of which is to get better each year – so far we've been able to do just that.  It isn't easy, as you have to convince players what you are trying to do and try to get them into believing in your program and believe in you.  Not an easy task." explains Henri. "I've heard that I'm quirky" he continued.e  "I think it's just because I'm old. The values that I grew up with are not today's values.  Keep in mind I've now been on this planet for 68 years and things change.  I just haven't" Henri smirked.

The new team name for 2015 will be O.C. Swats Doerflinger. Team colors will go back to it's origins Royal/Orange/White.  A roster and team schedule will be announce once USSSA posts the 2015 schedule at the end of October/first of November. The team goal is to finish in the top 12 in Conference and win a Major World Series berth. 


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