Saturday July 24th, 2021

NW Combat Captures 2009 B Crown


Northwest Combat/Trojans out of Seattle, Washington came to Florida on a MISSION. Mission Accomplished! They are your new class 'B' World Champions and they did it in a dominating fashion as they outscored their competition 91-26 in 5 games.

NW Combat never allowed more than 7 runs in a game during their run and were led by tournament MVP pitcher Derek Warren. Combat used INTENSE focus, speed, timely power, and a suffocating defense to clean house and win the rings. The Washington based club used a grand slam by veteran slugger Shane McCullough to separate from a feisty Detroit Own's team to get themselves going in their first game and never looked back as they won by the mercy rule 4 times. The only close game was a 7-5 victory over FBI in the heat of the day Saturday when the ball was not going anywhere. Combat defeated Blitz/Watanabe/Weller/Minges/Easton 18-1 on Saturday night in the winner's final and 22-6 in the final game!

Blitz from Cincinnati, Ohio finishes a solid second after making a nice run in the winner's bracket and knocking off the hot AJS team (24-6) in the semi-finals of the winner's bracket. Blitz then made it back to the championship game with a 11-10 win over WCS/LCV when they threw the tying run out at the plate for the third out.

WCS/LCV finishes third after beating FBI 25-17 early Sunday morning in a game that I felt was the best played game of the tournament. Both teams had great homerun management, clutch hitting, and it was just a hard fought game from the beginning. Congratulations to all 4 of these Sunday finishers.

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