Thursday June 8th, 2023

Mr. Wiggles fall classic to help Ohio softball player families


Link to Mr. Wiggles fall classic facebook page

This an open tournament in October played at a stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania October 22-23.  Home Run Derby on October 21st

Due to the tragic events this week in Florida we are going to use this tournament to help the families of the players that passed in the car wreck.

We will be donating 5 dollars of every entry fee from the homerun derby, having specific bat raffles at the tournament and donating all profits, 20 dollars of every team entry fee will be donated, and auctioning off our last OG DC-41 Red Knob and donating all profits.

Brett Helmer will also be helping the families and us by attending the tournament and donating a ton of gear to raffle. We appreciate all your help!!!

Please help us by adding the families to this group, other softball players, teams, and families, and sharing this post.

We want to help. I'm sure no one can make this any easier for them so this is the least we can do.

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