Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

MPT Rentals/Juno and Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton win 2021 USSSA Crown Town Classic!





2021 USSSA Crown Town Classic bracket and results links

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MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics a new 2021 Major team won their first tournament of the season as they beat Smash It Sports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 for the 2nd time in the tournament 37-27 Sunday morning in the loser's bracket finals and then "double dipped" Dan Smith/Proton 27-27 and 30-28 in the championship Sunday afternoon.  The tournament had 36 teams including 11 from the Nationwide Conference USSSA and was played through the rain at the Mid American Sports Complex in Shawnee, Kansas just outside of Kansas City.

A full report, video clips, 4 condensed games, rankings, and stats coming this week on Softballcenter.com!

1st Place – MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics (NJ-Major)




2021 Women's Crown Town Classic

Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton's Fiana Finau hits a walk off homer in the bottom of the 8th to beat Classic Glass!

The two final teams posed for a group picture after a great championship game that you will be able to watch on the SW48 Youtube channel in condensed form later this week.


Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton went undefeated at the Crown Town Classic beating home state Greenspace/First Watch/Dudley 9-7 in the winner's final Saturday night and Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans 15-14 in extra innings in the championship game on Sunday morning!  There were 12 teams in the tournament and 7 of them were from the Nationwide Conference USSSA league.  Look for the weekly women's Conference update on Softballcenter.com on Wednesdays containing rankings, coaches polls, and point standings.

Interviews by Ebony: During the tournament, I got to catch up with Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton local player Jess Tolbert for a interview. I asked Jess Tolbert what it takes to be successful at the next level. She stated, “It takes dedication and practice, BP sessions and strength training. You need the right mindset to take the knowledge and criticism in order to grow to become better.” I also asked her how she felt about the competition in the tournament. She stated, “Not a single team here that wasn’t competitive. Seeing 7 conference and 5 non conference teams compete, can’t wait to see what next year brings. There is so much talent in the Midwest, Im glad to see local teams compete and finish strong.” Unlike the men’s side, all the women’s games went to 4 innings or more. I did get one more interview. This one was unique because I interviewed Jessica Stroud, the coach of the C team Nally Girl’s, whose team is playing their first major and jumping from ASA to USSSA on the road to Worlds in October. The team finished 5th beating out 4 of 7 conference teams. I asked Jessica what made her team successful in the tournament and what advice could she give for others who are wanting to put a team in next year to compete. She stated, “Chemistry is everything. The players build that bond and trust in one another. As a coach, you have to be the motivation and example. Having variety of players that can play any position at any given time helps the team grow.” As the women’s program continues to grow each year, we can’t wait to see all the talent at the next MWUSSSA presents: Crown Town Major Dual in 2022

2021 USSSA Women's Crown Town Classic bracket and results link

2021 Women's Crown Town picture album link (when ready)

2021 Women's Crown Town video clips link (when ready)

2021 Crown Town archived livestream games link

1st Place Women's Major – Smash it Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-Major)


2nd Place – Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A)


3rd Place – Greenspace/First Watch/Dudley (KS-A)


4th Place – BNS/Easton/Bryan Transports Inc/TTP (MO-B)

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