Saturday February 4th, 2023

Major World Series countdown – #6 Team 454/Emerald/Worth

#6 Team 454/Emerald/Worth

Glen Allen, Virginia

Team 454 has double dipped two different major teams to win conference events this year.  So the will power to win is within this team.  They are 7-8 on baseball fields, 2-4 vs the Major division, and average 19.0 runs per game but give up a high 21.1 per game on the big fields.   They have given up at least 18 runs in each of their last 10 baseball field games.  Not good.
Team 454 is led by their sponsor and 3rd baseman Bill Rhew who's defensive play at third base can change the game, however it looks like he may be playing shortstop since Chad Durick is injured.  We'll see.  Jason Branch has been an offensive onbase machine at leadoff, Durick has supplied the right handed power all year, and Kyle Moyer the left handed power.  The team also has one of the top defensive infielder in middle man Kevin Bazat.  Lets not forget they have Rusty Bumgardner who leads all players in World Series hits in the modern era.
Outlook: 454 when healthy could win the Major World Series.  As they are now, I think they can make it to Sunday but no further.  Would be a great story to be wrong though.

Player's to watch

Jason Branch 

Chad Durick

Kyle Moyer

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