Monday February 6th, 2023

Major World Series countdown – #1 Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth

#1 Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth

Winter Haven, Florida

Resmondo won 7 Conference events including the first HOF Classic and the Smoky Mountain Classic on the big fields.  They are 14-5 on baseball fields, 5-1 vs Major teams and 4-4 vs 'A' teams.  They average a league high 26.0 runs per game on the big fields and allow 17.1.  Resmondo has won 3 consecutive Major World Series, and most of the games were won by the run rule.
Resmondo is led by their pitcher Andy Purcell and third baseman Jimmy Salas who were co-Conference MVP's.  Each of them is the best at their respective positions and can change a game in Resmondos favor with their bats or their gloves.   The in-season pickup of Jeff Hall was also a huge move as Jeff quickly dusted off the rust from two years away from the circuit and showed he is still one of the top hitters in the game.   The lineup is full of former Series MVP's…
Outlook: Resmondo is the team to beat eventhough they went 0-2 at the Conference Championships?  They always play well at the World Series and are able to put any type of team chemistry issues and 2013 chatter behind them for one week.  Resmondo will only lose the world series if two different teams beat them during the tournament.

Player's to watch


Pitcher Andy Purcell


3B Jimmy Salas


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