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Updated player pages for the 2015 USSSA Major Players List!


 I finally updated all of the players pages with their 2014 photos

Click on any player to go to their player page.

There are 97 players on the Major Player's List



USSSA 2015 Major Player's List

Steve Allen – Florida (added 2013)

Terry Baggs – Florida (added 2014)

Bryson Baker – California

Rick Baker – Indiana

Kevin Bazat – Missouri (added 2013)

Dal Beggs – Florida

Vince Bisbee – Michigan

Robert Blackburn – North Carolina

Mike Bowlin – California

Jason Branch – Florida (added 2011)

Scott Brown – Minnesota

Dale Brungardt – Washington (added 2013)

Geno Buck – Minnesota

Rusty Bumgardner – North Carolina

Travis Clark – Wisconsin (added 2011)

Tim Cocco – Kentucky

Andrew Collins – Florida (added 2013)

Greg Connell – Georgia

Victor Cordova – California (added 2010)

Kyle Cowart – Georgia (added 2014)

Denny Crine – Nevada

Travis Dale – Indiana (added 2013)

Don DeDonatis, III – Florida

Brandon Dillon – Indiana (added 2013)

Anthony Dress – Minnesota (added 2010)

Chad Durick – Florida

Kevin Filby – Ohio

Jeff Flood – Oregon (added 2014)

Joey Formosa – California (added 2011)

BJ Fulk – North Carolina

Hank Garris – Florida

JD Genter – Georgia

Chris Geron – Illinois

Jamie Gordon – Michigan

Rich Gulash – Florida

Chente Granados – California (added 2013)

Chris Greinert – Maryland (added 2012)

Neil Haglund – New York (added 2014)

Jeff Hall – North Carolina

Kelly Hartman – Oklahoma

Greg Hartwick – Arkansas

Ryan Harvey – Florida (added 2014)

Brett Helmer – New York

Brian Higginbotham – Washington

Tim Howard – Arkansas (added 2011)

Bob Hughes – Arkansas

Jeremy Isenhower- Kansas (added 2009)

Todd Joerling – Missouri

Brian Justice – Tennessee

Jason Kendrick – Georgia

Kevin Kennington – Florida (added 2012)

Scott Kirby – Florida

Howie Krause – Ohio

Cory Large – Texas (added 2013)

Chris Larsen – Washington (added 2010)

Steven Lloyd – Florida (added 2014)

Sam Lopez – California (added 2009)

Bubba Mack – Florida (added 2011)

Brett McCollum – Illinois (added 2009)

Johnny McCraw – North Carolina

Sean McDonald – Michigan

Jeff McGavin – Michigan

Bruce Meade – Florida

Bill Messina – California

Kyle Moyer – Ohio (added 2012)

Chad Mullins – Kentucky (added 2013)

Brendt Newbill – Washington (added 2013)

Bryce Olivera – California (added 2014)

Ryan Parfitt – Pennsylvania (added 2014)

Kyle Pearson – Louisiana (added 2014)

Matt Pesso – California (added 2011)

Donovan Pokraka – Colorado (added 2009)

Lee Powers – North Carolina (added 2011)

Andy Purcell – Florida

Brian Rainwater – Georgia

Brad Reckart – Ohio (added 2014)

Luis Reyna – Florida (added 2013)

Wendell Rickard – Louisiana

Dustin Roberts – Virginia (added 2012)

Adam Rockoff – Florida (added 2010)

Casey Rogowski – Michigan (added 2012)

Dennis Rulli – California

Jimmy Salas – California (added 2010)

Dan Sanchez – California

Nick Santana – Florida (added 2012)

Dennis Shrum – Texas

Seth Stephens – Washington (added 2011)

Scott Striebel – Minnesota

Ryan Thiede – Illinois (added 2009)

Tom Thompson – Ohio

Mike Umscheid – Wisconsin (added 2014)

Andy Vitcak – Minnesota (added 2014)

Jeff Wallace – Florida

LC Watson – Texas (added 2012)

Brian Wegman – Ohio

Jeremy Yates – Florida (added 2013)

Scott Zaciewski – Ohio (added 2013)

Brian Zirkle – Illinois (added 2014)


Sec. 1. A. Only one Major Player from the Major Players List will be allowed on a Men’s Class “B” Team roster.

Sec. 1. B. Any Player whose name appears on a Major Players List shall not be allowed to play at the Men’s Class “C,” “D,” or “E” level.

Sec. 1. C. Any player whose name appears on the USSSAWatch List shall not be allowed to play at the Men’s Class “C,” “D” or “E” level.

17 responses to “Updated player pages for the 2015 USSSA Major Players List!”

  1. pj says:

    It amazing no black players on this list!

  2. A black guy says:

    None in the hall of fame neither??? HUUUUUMMMM………

  3. Don Munford says:


  4. LMAO says:

    Wow is right why aren’t there more blacks on a Major or “A” teams they not good enough cause that will be a ly or is it they are not about to get on there knees just to play for a team… Cause I’m sure it’s plenty Black men out there that can play with the 4 or 5 major teams out there. Just my opinion right

    • DW says:

      Larry Carter and Derrick Williams was on the Major list and just moved to the Major Watch List.

      I believe Carter is going into the hall of fame soon.

      Tony Mack, John Robinson, Chivas Clark, Johnny Bailey, Tim Bowser, Larry Carter, Earl Bryant, Rodney Donaldson, Matt King, Tim Mattox, Demond Thomas, Filip Washington, Derrick Williams, Curtis Wilson, and a couple others are on the Major Watch List. A few others appealed off the Watch list.

      Filip Washington from Team Combat will be on the Major list next year.

      Here are the Major and Major Watch Lists:

      I think we will see more soon.

  5. AJ says:

    Not one black guy…smdh ARE U SERIOUS

  6. AJ says:

    Really? Larry C hasn’t played in how long? This is the Major List, we aren’t talking about the watch list. Smdh, T Mack has played on a few major teams and still can’t get on the major list and he’s a really good player. Can’t forget big Tim Bowser or Mr. Bailey either. Seems like any other progrom in the good ole USA to me, leave them off the list no one will notice…lmao
    LMAO there are plenty good black players in Florida, GA, Texas and Louisiana… All over

    • DW says:

      I am not disagreeing with you. But I am also not sure anyone wants to get on the Major list as it limits where they can play. I would say Washington will be the first to make the Major list in a long time. I believe Curtis Wilson was headed for the major list but then retired from upper ball.

  7. LMAO says:

    The point to this is out of 97 players on the list there is not one black man. And out of the 4 or 5 major teams and also “A” teams same thing it might be 2 or 3 black men why is that? Just want to know the reason why cause its not they’re not good enough so it has to be another reason. It’s 2015 let’s just be real.

  8. Atl says:

    Mr. Munford, why do you say… “WOW?”

    You live in the Chocolate City (Atlanta), and have nothing to do with any of the minority teams in GA, nor recruited 1 minority to the main stream teams that you have coach/sponsored or been a part of.

    Btw, you are not the only one. Pierre Alfred (Laservision), has the capital and contacts, but would rather sponsor the dreams of main stream teams. How about the two of you team up?

    You are either part of the problem or solution.


  9. Wow says:

    Bunch of damn racists. So what? You think people are excluded from this list because they are black?? Take the bullsh!t somewhere else.

  10. WOW says:

    Give us another reason why? Then we might take it somewhere else. The truth is right in front of you don’t need know explanation.. how about that for your BS.

  11. To WOW says:

    It’s a shame that people like you are in our society and play the race card when something doesn’t go your way.. That’s childish and jealousy at its finest. Grow up.

  12. Let's be honest.... says:

    Isn’t there a Black World tournament where you can only have 2 non-black players on your roster? Wouldn’t that be considered racist? What if there was a White World Tournament and you were only allowed to have 2 non-white players on the roster…that would be racist but the Black World’s isn’t? Hypocrites! I agree there probably should be black players on the Major List but the fact there is not any could be due to numerous reason, yet you choose to say it must be due to racism.

  13. JM says:

    Maybe ,because they are like the black guys on my team. Don’t take bp and show up 5 minutes before game time.

  14. DLB says:

    Why do you have Wendell Rickard, Todd Joerling Hank Garris just to name a few that hasn’t played in years on this list?

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