Thursday June 8th, 2023

Lee Powers to play for Resmondo in 2014!


Former Shoppe 3rd baseman Lee Powers will play for 2013 Major World Series champion Resmondo in 2014.

Lee Powers player page

6 responses to “Lee Powers to play for Resmondo in 2014!”

  1. Wood says:

    Lee was asked to comment on this move. As usual the Silent Giant didn’t speak

  2. Zoetaite says:

    With Lee signing on is Resmondo losing anyone from their current Championship roster?

  3. Mike Hernandez says:

    Is Howie hanging it up, because Jimmy Salas is a solid 3rd baseman and great hitter, 1st is the only position I would see him playing.

  4. pete says:

    I heard Lee owns the copyrights to the phrase: “SHUT UP AND PLAY BALL !! ”
    He looks like he is all jacked up on Mountain Dew !
    Good Luck to you Lee

  5. millertime says:

    Gasssun NC……..Come on Now

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