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2019 Free Agent Pitcher Kevin Johnson

2019 Free Agent kevinjohnson15@hotmail.com


Kevin Johnson

USSSA Playing History

2012 Interview

Why do you like the game of softball?
I really can't explain it.  I love the competition and would play everyday if I could.

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?
I've been around a long time so can't pick just one.  
In todays game:
  Andy Purcell  Controls the game on the mound and has turned into one of the toughest outs to get.
  Brett Helmer  Great hitter and even better person.
  Brian Wegman and Bryson Baker   Can play anywhere on the field.
  Jason Kendrick   The most intense and competitive player I have played against.
  Greg Connell   Pure bomber !
  Dedonatis Jr.   Doesn't get the credit he deserves defensively !
  Jeff Wallace   Most intimidating batter to pitch to.
  Rusty Bumgardner   One of the best teammates you could have and plays the game right.

Early years:
  Dirk Androff, Ricky Huggins, Carl Rose, Wendell Rickard, Pat Wayne, Randall Boone (Still could if he had the time) Jeff Hall (Will be again this year !) Robby Ergle

Best and upcoming player ?
Bubba Mack  Has  all the tools you need !  Except a TAN! LOL!
Kevin Bazat  Great defender and does what it takes to win.

What is my nickname ?

Where do I call home ?
Augusta Ga.

Favorite way to spend a off weekend?
Playing pickup ball.  Either back yard tourn., Black American, Coed, it doesn't matter!

What do I do for a living?
Route Manager for a uniform company

Did you play sports in high school/college?
I played basketball and baseball in high school.  I actually had offers in both sports from different colleges.

How did I get my start?
I just played locally and started moving up.  Then started playing backyard tournaments with Jeff Riner (mule) and Phil White who both were playing major ball at the time.  Anytime I got asked to play I went no matter how far I needed to drive.  First A team I played with was LJs out of SC.   The first big travel team I played for was Jean Shoppe.  The most caring sponsor in the game is Coach (Mr. Blackburn)!  The last 4 teams I have played for have been the best as far as teammates and sponsors you could ask for.  GTL ( Garcia and Wilson), Combat USA , Logo Express (Mr. Strickland aka Preacher) and 454 Worth (Bill Rhew)!

Best advice?
Never give up !

Advise I can give to a younger player ?
The same.  You will have people tell you you are not good enough.  I was told that ( even to this day Im told Im not a PREMIER pitcher LOL ).  But after twenty something years I have a A World championship.  Just play the game the right way !!  To a pitcher I would tell him to learn a knuckleball, throw strikes, and pitch to your defense.  One thing I have said over and over is the pitcher is as only as good as the defense behind him.

What position ?

What ounce bat ?
27 0z

Any superstitions ?
I do the same thing everytime I go to the batter's box.  I throw the ball around the infield the same way every inning unless its a bad one then change up.

Most memorable moment in softball ?
Without question it is winning the A World last year.  But what made it even better was the team we had.  We were a bunch of no names put together and jelled perfectly.  I know it sounds corny but we truly won by being a TEAM.  I couldnt have asked for a better group of guys to win me a World!  A big thanks to Worth, Bill Rhew, Tiny, Corny (Mike Cornell), and Dennis Turner for everything they do.

Best improvement ?
I think  Mr. Dedonatis and USSSA has done a great job.  Im old school.  Just face the team across the field from you with the rules you got and play !!!

Favorite non world?

Best softball field played on ?
It has to be the stadium at Disney.

Best place to eat after a game?
Anywhere that has a cold Mick Ultra!

Funniest thing on a ballfield ?
I have seen alot.  The one I like the best is this.  For the past 2 years when a team starts hitting P-Dub joked around and asked me do I want him to pitch.  So last year at the Last Chance we were playing Resmondo and they were hitting it pretty good.  He asked me so I said OK and threw him the ball ! The look on his face was priceless !!



11 responses to “2019 Free Agent Pitcher Kevin Johnson”

  1. jose jimenez says:

    a great dude and a magician on the mound.
    One good guy that will make you feel as an equal and will help you elevate your game.
    Definitely an asset to any team

  2. Carlton says:

    Great player and even better person. Never seen someone that loves the game the way he does. Plays almost every weekend and gives back a lot to the game. Good luck next year KJ wherever you land. See you on the field soon.

  3. CMAC#3 says:

    Heck of a player and teammate. Loves the game more than anyone I know. Makes everyone around him better. Good luck KJ, hope to see you out there!!!

  4. wayne rushing says:

    Been said before but this is one of the nicest guys to play the game and is an absolute joy to spend time with. KJ truly loves the game and I almost always see him at tournaments…..never surprised to see him. Best of luck to you and please keep that outlook.

  5. Robin Roberts says:

    One of my favorite teammates of all time. See ya at the Last Chance cuzzy!

  6. Chad Folsom#31 says:

    Great player and friend! Great Veteran pitcher knows the game inside and out. Leads by example. Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me the past few years. Best of luck to you buddy

  7. Learn just about everything I know watching and playing with KJ when I first started playing this game. Always welling to give advise and is looked up to here in the Augusta area.

  8. Wayne carr says:

    Had the opportunity to play with this guy in a tournament, impression was left. Awesome guy to talk ball with. Knows the game and plays it well. Good luck KJ where ever you land.

  9. bear says:

    kj, maybe us two old dogs should get together and be a 1-2 punch somebody.. best of luck

  10. Lorque says:

    KJ is a great teammate and very consistant pitcher. He represents us old guys extremely well. Especially in today’s game where the players seem to get better at a much faster rate than they once did. Keep dealing KJ! Pitcher’s like you keep the market stocked with guys who play the game right. And that is one of the most crucial parts to our game.

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