Wednesday October 17th, 2018

Team Fusco shirts available —> Greg Fusco tribute page


Greg Fusco a pitcher from Florida passed away two weeks after being hit in the temple with a line drive. 

Greg was recently married and loved the NY Mets and was a long time softball player. 

There will be a gathering today (12/18/2017) at the fields in rememberance.

There is also a gofundme page to support his hospital stay.


Team Fusco shirts are available at ATWLDesigns

to support the Fusco family


Greg Fusco

Local news article link

6 responses to “Team Fusco shirts available —> Greg Fusco tribute page”

  1. Erik Shelland says:

    RIP Mr. Fusco from one pitcher to another! 🙁

    Manager, VETSports/Albuquerque Arsenal
    Pitcher, #25

  2. whit says:

    dw ,

    thanks for posting this. Fusco was a class act. he loved this game. he had an infectious smile and wore his heart on his sleeve. many loved him. Pitchers,take heed , buy a helmet protect yourself.


  3. Gene civello says:

    I had the pleasure playing against you many of times. You were one hell of a shortstop and a clutch hitter. Most importantly you were a class act with always a smile on your face. I pray for your family and wife and hope you rest in peace buddy.

  4. Eddie Aucoin says:

    You were always one of my favorite guys to play softball with. Rest easy brother, you’re missed by so many.

  5. Moonz says:

    Such a sad deal. You were my buddy fuzz-co. We sure had a lot of fun together. Please donate what you’re able to his go fund me page…

  6. Woody says:

    Rest in power my friend. You were not only a great teammate but you were one of my favorite humans. You were one of the rare special people in this world. So much fun and happiness and love of life inside of you. I’m going to miss you homie.

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