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Fastpitch Player? Here Is How to Get More Power Behind Your Swing


Softball Player? Here Is How to Get More Power Behind Your Swing

Are you looking for ways to level up your softball game? This article will help you out.

Nearly ten million Americans play softball at school, college, and national levels. This sport is fun to play at all levels. But mastering the art of playing for winning can be challenging. You will be required to have perfect hand-eye coordination, strength, technique, and practice. 

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player in the field, you will want to speed up your game with smart tricks. Luckily, with expert tips, we have got you covered.

Let’s dive into the ways to improve hitting and swinging in your game:

Use Right Grip

If you’re wondering how to improve softball swing, you will need to focus on your grip. When you grip the bat, ensure that you are applying the pressure on your fingers, not on the palms. You can place your top hand against the bottom hand and align your middle knuckles straightly.

It’s crucial for you to maintain a relaxed grip so your waist has the flexibility to make a good swing.

Mind the Elbow 

The position of your elbow plays an essential role to improve the swinging. The way you keep your elbow increases your strength or effort to make a hit.

Many softball players make the mistake of keeping their elbows up when they swing. This act works against gravitational forces. Technically, it will take more effort to swing in this situation.

So, ensure that your elbow remains at a 90-degree angle when you are planning to make a smooth swing.

Lead Your Stride

When the pitcher begins to release the ball, you should start focusing on your stride. By focusing on the stride, you will get the momentum which will help in creating contact.

Wondering how you can do that?

Just cock your hips and turn in the front shoulder and keep your hips in the parallel form. When your hips and shoulders move, your hands move with them. After the stride, you will see your hands turning slightly down to the bottom hand.

Put your weight back into the inside of your foot. When you will get yourself in this position, you will be fully prepared to make a contact. Right after the contact, concentrate all over hitting the ball. Don’t move the bet and keep that in the direction where the ball is hit.

Power Your Stance  

Softball is nothing but a strong position, strategy, and practice. Your stance should be at a level all the time to make a better swing. For this, you will need to focus on your hips and knees. 

You will need to balance your weight on the balls of your feet which can be possible if you keep your back straight and bend your knees slightly. By keeping yourself in the batter’s box center, you will improve your posture and balance.

Final words: 

It takes a great deal of effort when you are planning to improve your softball swing. But by familiarizing yourself with the above tricks, you will find improvement in your game. 


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