Friday November 16th, 2018

Fall softball on Facebook


I collected or was sent all of these things from Facebook in the past two months and figured I would share it.

Softball or just humorous things from Facebook in October and November 2017


Conference meeting notes from the Convention

The ribbon cutting on the new Space Coast Complex created a lot of buzz!

Hall of Famer Scott Brown

Hall of Famer Scott Kirby

USSSA Hall of Fame inductees!


Mark Martin with the USA Softball Hall of Famers

Travis Clark of Easton won the Long Haul Bombers Championship. 

And Easton with Clark and Brian Wegman won the Manufacturers Championship as well.



Stats from the Major.  It isn't as easy as it might seem


Little guys can hit homer's much to my and other softball purists wishes.


Dunn and Potts chasing a MLB ring!


Hearing Johnny McCraw is coming back to the Conference this year!

Missing these two – JC Phelps and Ryan Robbins


Filip Washington messing with tigers

Brian Zirkle with the figurine!

Huch sportin his help Houston shirt

Banned but not forgotten

Nice helmet paint

Derby Girls won USSSA Major, 'A', and USA Softball Open!  What a season!

Enough Said

USSSA B Champs

USSSA C Champs

USSSA D Champs

Police Champs

Senior Champs

Senior Champs

Senior Champs

Evo9X tournament champions





Cleveland Cavs Kyle Korver dressed as Willy Wonka with actual Oompa Loompas for Lebrons party




Not sure who this was?

Or this?


This Halloween yard art was near where I grew up in Parma, Ohio




Chad Durick had a great Major World Series swinging his Boombah Boss!











Vulcan grips now on Tennis rackets

Shirt made for Ryan Goodman and Chris Hansen



Random entertaining stuff

Actual bear killed in Russia?

I would have a tough time eating here



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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