Thursday February 22nd, 2024

Hall of Fame umpire Duane Posavetz has passed


Hall of Fame and 2015 Conference Umpire of the Year Duane Posavetz has passed away after a battle with cancer.  

Duane may have had the best demeanor of any umpire in the history of slowpitch softball and is not replaceable.

The softball world mourns the loss of Duane with this tribute page



Hall of Fame Umpire

Duane Posavetz






2 responses to “Hall of Fame umpire Duane Posavetz has passed”

  1. Pete Campbell says:

    Thank You Duane ! He did a great job when he took the field ! He has got the Best seat in the house now ! Maybe Rick can send replays of calls , up to Duane “for further review” ? Most times umpiring is a thank-less job , I would like to say thank you to every umpire for sharing their time and their passion for the game of slow-pitch with us in the USSSA Conference. These people do a great job, sometimes under enormous pressure from players and/or coaches. In order for this game to continue to move forward ,umpires, players, coaches and sponsors need to show the passion and respect for “The Game” and each other ,that Duane showed every time he took the field. ‘Professional’ says it all Duane, THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  2. Deacon Marion JUrewicz says:

    I knew Dwayne and his family very well. Thank you to all his fellow umpires for your tribute. Tributes like this speak highly of the man they honored. We will miss a special man as he was.

    God Bless you all

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