Wednesday June 7th, 2023

Download the Softball Connect App and follow your favorite softball sites!



Two weeks ago, Got 1’s 6 and John Kings launched the Softball Connect App – the only “softball social network” App of its kind – featuring community posts, groups, and newsfeeds, live streaming, direct and group messaging, all the biggest softball influencers, and tournament registries listing all major Associations.

Within their first 24 hours of public launch, the App had 5,000 members and was ranked #1 Trending App on Google and #11 in Sports Apps on the Apple Store.

Download the free Softball Connect App, set up your profile and bio, and get connected to the best of softball!

·     iOS (iPhones)

·     Android

This App is expanding softball as we know it and bringing the sport, the passion, and the community together on 1 online platform to interact, network, and share our love for the game. People are describing it as “The Grand Slam of Softball Social Media” and “the entire softball world in the palm of your hands.”

Softball Center and the Old Scout’s weekly articles will be added to the App this week – and stay tuned for more feature update! 

8 responses to “Download the Softball Connect App and follow your favorite softball sites!”

  1. Karry says:

    Awesome!! I’m LOVING the App – all kinds of amazing softball junkie features and things to do!

  2. Dillon says:

    This app is changing the softball community up. Bring everyone together. Loving the app

  3. Jaybo Wheatstraw says:

    This app has literally changed the social media output for softball on all levels!! The ability to see different sanctions, different social media gurus in their own form and also join in and watch the game itself is an amazing feature!! The purchase option is awesome as well!! Plus the best of all is the ability to interact with just those who are serious about softball!!!

  4. This app is changing the softball world! Keeping people in touch and keeping everyone updated across the country! I definitely recommend 10/10!

  5. Taunese says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Softball Connect app! Such a great concept

  6. James Delzer says:

    It’s not just a softball app, it’s for the softball community! Great tool to get updated info, see what’s out there for new equipment, even watch some events! Love it!

  7. Tiare says:

    The softball app is a change maker in the softball community. It’s getting people to be spotlighted as well as showing off up and rising stars at the palm of your hands. You get to meet people without having to be on social media. No need to keep scrolling to find what you need with the quick and easy tabs to click. Find tournaments, travel guides as well as puck up players on the way. Download the app that is changing softball meet and greets.

  8. Chris says:

    Love this app!! Got 1’s 6 is taking over softball ???

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